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  1. I would hope it be round lest we all fall off the edge. Peace and Love In All Ways Franco
  2. Zeppity, If I could ever get back home I'd take you up on more than a pint. I do drive but when I first got to the States I almost killed my fair share of people. Now will I be able to stay on the right side back in the UK. I am from Anglesey and have not been back since '89. I will give you this though there is so much shite out here in today's music that I probably would be right there with you; pissed as all hell and begging to repent in my way of thinking. Isn't it amazing that we have to keep the great rocker's on life support just to hear good stuff. Will this wrap and hip-hop shi
  3. Dear Zeppity, Possibly I got it all wrong and because I was schooled in the time when the world of music was simply magical making me form such strong feelings. If you'll look back to the Song Remains and see the way Peter Grant goes after poster salespeople maybe you might understand how I feel. I detest anything that is done as a replacement or a copy or if you will; tribute bands. You know I honestly can say that garage bands that learn several songs of different bands I generally enjoy much more. It is versatility and these players it seem's happen to become the new bands of worth today.
  4. Dear Crunge Fans/Unfans I promise this will be my last word on tributes and what they can do for you or what they are intended for. The Crunge is just simply a song dedicated to the hardest working man in show business Roy Harper (sorry) lol; I meant James Brown. John Bonham loved the funk beats of the groove bands and that song has kick your ass, grab you by the balls, stops and starts ala a Brown Masterpiece. I am another drummer who always loved those tunes and I promise I won't even try change any one's mind. And when I looked at a few of the previous view points about "Houses" I thoug
  5. Dear Zippy do dah, In the true Bonham style tradition the last time another person callled me son other than my father his teeth were on the back of his head and he landed very very hard on his backside. I will gather that seeing a tribute band in a pub with your friends, pissed off your head, is a wonderful way to say your feeling the Zeppelin vibe. Most people when they are in any mix of loud music and alcohol can proclaim all sorts of things. As far as the comment that you were taken aback by the fact that Muddy Waters and the black artists that appreciated Jimmy and Zeppelin; was the w
  6. Dear Plantagenet, If you are the member of a tribute band why don't do something that would be the best of tribute's to the band. Write your own music and lyrics and when you gain the recoginition for them maybe just maybe you will get the ultimate compliment when someone says that your sound reminds them of Zeppelin. And if you can play mozart or bach it's a safer and more secure gig than leaning on the coat tails of those that went before in rock. Furthermore when all the gigs wind down, and the dollies are in your arms for the night, when was the last time you gave up the 10% instead of
  7. Dear Plant One, there were many times when Pagey would just be walking down the street and lightening bolts would shoot out of his arse and owl's would perch on his shoulder's. LMAO when you are labeled as some wizard that met Robert Johnson at the crossroads blah,blah,blah the devil held his willy and through his touch Jimmy had the finger's and skill's unlike any other; if it sells units of LP's why not. At the time he was branded there were quite frankly assholes out there (because of Jimmy's ability) who would give him a wrap that not only hurt him but absolutely pissed him off. Jimmy
  8. Dear Mountain Hopper, I have to answer you because I laughed my ass off when I saw your reply. And to all of you that suggested any other band on stage with the Lads you must give up your membership to this site and write repeatedly (I only need to see Zeppelin) until your writing hand drops off Peace and Love in All Ways Franco
  9. The Best Zeppelin Tribute was just held in London in December at the O2. Anything else and anyone else making a dollar as a copy band should send at least 75% of the gate to the band for copywrite infringement and keep the other 25% handy just in case there lawyer from the east coast decides to pay them a visit. Oh and the tribute; it was for the boss Ahmet Franco
  10. Because I believe Pagey to best the best orchestrater of the guitar in the world I'll stick with his first lick to and through he plays his last. All of it is simply magic and believe me with first hand knowledge I do know it to be true. Peace and Love in All Ways Franco
  11. Dear Plant One, I can tell you when I first met Ritchie Yorke and we talked about the Zeppelin mystique or the way they put their pants on one thing was true. That the fuel we seemed to use was some very good home grown smoke and bottles of 151 Rum. The more we consumed the more we seemed to figure out. But then again you could always say once a viking always a viking eh? PALIAW Franco
  12. Dear Knebby, You are probably right I never thought of Zeppelin as a nostalgia act. I do believe though that they are a band of marauder's or Pirates, if you will; that will find it hard not to drink and pilage until they all are called to rest with our lord Jesus Peace and Love In All Ways Franco
  13. Dear Eagles, I had proposed the idea similar to the idea you have but with the backdrop of my hometown Chicago being used and the lovely lakefront. The people at Warner Bros. WEA California were estatic however back in '85 it was a good idea never used. As a concert venue it was proposed to consist of the price of admission coupled with the fact that a food stuff was to be required upon entry of said concert area. The room available in this natural amphitheatre would hold at least 1,000,000 fans bringing in at least 1,000,000 items of dry food stuffs to help feed the poor. Tickets were to be
  14. Dear ATKH, All lot of people (like) the Leprechan's Music it's got a good beat,you can dance to it,I'd rate it a 70 (American Bandstand). But again this is the answer you provided yourself a lot like; with Zeppelin isn't it Love? To tell the truth Percy has had a slew of good drummers in the back of his solo efforts but he only had one great rock drummer in the back of him since 1980. All the rest have occupied the space and they just haven't delivered the goods. Drummin is Drummin who you want to go to battle and war with is a completely different story. If you think anyone has the seat peri
  15. Dear Plant One and ATKH, Good Evenin! AT the only pumpkins I know of are the ones I carved for my son's during All Hollow's Eve other than that excuse me for not knowing the other drummer's name. I was raised by the likes of Gene Krupa,Buddy Rich, Ringo,Ginger Baker, Keith Moon and then there was John. After that I knew that was drummin; my kind of drumming, and for over 40 years I have heard,seen and through respect learned the style I could play and how I hear the way drums should be applied to the piece being played or written if you will. Dear Plant One you guessed right it was the Lep
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