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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You're 18...old enough to vote and die for your country...but alas, not old enough to drink yet.

    Cheers anyway and hope you had a good CELEBRATION DAY!

  2. I have a Gibson Les Paul Vintage Mahogany, and a Fender Champion 110. When this guitar and amp combo are mixed, the tone possibilities are endless. What do you guys have
  3. You know, I don't like how it is black with gold hardware. The three pickups don't appeal to me either, but if they released a Jimmy Page sunburst signature....
  4. uhh AC/DC Cream Jimi Hendrix Experience Aerosmith Black Sabbath Pink Floyd Guns N' Roses Velvet revolver in no order
  5. you know im not going to lie, about 2 years ago i used to hate Zeppelin and I mean HATE Zeppelin, but that was when I was into one band and one band only, which was Korn. Then I heard Jimmy Page's solo on stairway to heaven about a year back, just when I was starting to get good at guitar, and that was it. I started listening to them everyday and I had there whole collection on my I-Pod and, whenever I heard a new song I would say to my self "This is Zeppelin? I love this song!" Actually though people in my area that are 14-18 years old are just starting get into them and they act as if you li
  6. How is Zeppelin heavy. A third of their music was acoustic. This coming from the same people who said that Zeppelin wasn't going to go anywhere.
  7. It works... I have done it at a friends house because I have Led Zeppelin IV on vinyl. You have to start playing it backwards after "is there a bussle in your hedgerow" verse
  8. Hendrix Vs. Page Who would win in a guitar battle? I personally think Page would win.
  9. What about Gallows Pole? Or Babe im Gonna Leave You? or even All My Love.
  10. Jimmy would win hands down. but what about Jimmy Versus Jimi (Hendrix)
  11. Swan  Song

    What is

    Please only put one. Mine is Babe Im Gonna Leave You.
  12. I love them all except "Hot Dog" and "Whole lotta love"
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