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  1. Disaster...2 tickets for the Black Crowes at Brixton on 9 April and i've doubled booked with my holiday. Face value plus booking fee is £75 for the pair, and that's all i want. Just need them to go to a good home. Let me know if you want them. Peace.
  2. Not a naming and shaming but certainly a thank-you to those around me who didn't complain when i started smoking ....must be the only time these days when you don't get tut-tutting.
  3. You are a sweetheart, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  4. A minor point but the wristband really irritates - too tight. Feel like a trussed up Gollum It burns us Precious.
  5. Sure Hotplant...same applies. But then that is it...no more anyone. Disclaimer: any linkage between picture/sound quality and pre-gig grass consumption is mere coincidence.
  6. Zeppalan - I'll do it (not for the gig mind, just for few minutes). PM me your mobile number and if you give me your email address I'll try and mail you a pic live from the gig too. No promises but I'll do my best.
  7. Yep got a ticket as well. Whoever asked the question about hearing drumming in the arena...wasn't the boys warming...it was some group of Chinese musicians walking through. Chinese new year p'raps?
  8. Got there about 11.30. Queues organised by alphabet of ticket holders surname. Took about 2.5 hours - painfully slow. Photo Id, credit card and ticketmaster confirmation required and worked fine (I was an ebay passcode buyer from first ballot). When you got to the front of the queue it was like a village fete...tressle tables and boxes full of envelopes with tickets holders surnames on - hysterical after the 'hi-tech' system they put in place. Was half expecting to see jars of homemade jam and elderberry wine on the tressle tables. Anyway elated to have the blue band on my wrist (sta
  9. Just about to leave for the 02 with a rainforest's worth of confirmation paperwork in my pockets and a few hundred excited butterflies in my tum. Will post 'pon my return.
  10. Light..couldn't better that set-list mate...good work.
  11. For god's sake, ease up. 'show respect'?...you certainly don't earn much by over-reacting.
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