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  1. i don't live by the bible. hell i couldnt name you more than a sentence out of it. you seem to be personalizing god as a neighborly friend. to me its a faceless force of truth which holds love and peace. every religion bases its theology on the same powerful force of nature, so spending time dissecting the negative aspects of other's interpretations of the same thing is only gonna spin you in circles. i refute the globalization of a man made god to put in my claim that god is real everywhere, so everyone can see it/ interpret it in their own liking. the idea that we can think of a concept like god has nothing to do with us...this concept would exist had humans never had the mind to grasp the idea. i see god as everything. its much wiser to look for connections between god than to see how god is misunderstanding itself based on culturally assimilate differences. you seem to be on a search to find truth... may i propose that truth is the same as false? if god in the bible is not a realistic picture (agreed), then what does that say about the dire search for universal truths which those people share just like you? its the same thing anywhere you look, suffering and happiness with the search for something better. the concept of something better is the same no matter how it is interpreted (the same door of perception). these ideas would exist even without humans to think and opinionate about them. they are timeless, endlessly possible options for perfection which swim through infinity each and every time we choose to think. it's much better to use our time in celebration of these things than holding up the magnifying glass (unless we are studying before we go to the party)
  2. what evidence are you basing the claim from?
  3. after death, whether or not there is another phase of being whose to know we'll even be conscious of it? i was raised in a quaker setting which is basically where everything is an example of god. sort of like saying god is everywhere trying to make beautiful connections to itself. i find it hard to think there wasnt somewhere we were before all of this started for us. maybe after death we go on, maybe we go home...
  4. "Always remember that when it comes to God, no one had, has, or most likely will ever have any kind of proof. It comes down to what we believe." Belief itself is a product of an awesome capability which overpasses us people. With respect to the statement, there are still many things humans probably will never know. I mean that in regards to space, time, small physics...
  5. i chose pompeii. i just love the scenery, song selection, studio footage. the echoes is sick, the careful with eugene is wonderful, theres even a singing dog.
  6. all i know is i have seen somethin that was present and was not a hallucination (you can trust me on that lol) i suppose i believe those experiences can only happen to people who are okay with the idea that there might be spirits out there
  7. a couple years ago i was working at an upscale restaurant as a busser. during the off hours is when i could usually be found carrying items around to ready the place for the coming shifts. these hours i would be alone in the dining room with literally enough peace and quiet to relax myself into a daydream. so one day i was laying down tablecloths while in my own world, and quickly somethin catches my attention as im glancing downward. i sharpen my focus and see this young boy underneath the table looking at me! i jumped up a bit and focused my attention again only to see him wiggling away back underneath (i was standing up so i would say i was 5 or 6 feet away) now the freakiest part about the encounter to this day is the memory of my eye contact with the 'ghost'. for only a second, i found myself looking at this white hazy figure whom was looking right back at me . he wore a childlike grin and his eyes were bright and electric. the pupils were small black dots amidst a blinding white. his hand was outstretched and moving with the other flat on the carpet. he was in a laying position on his stomach with his head and shoulders poking out from underneath the lengthy tablecloth which stretched almost to the floor. (dont ask how i saved this in my memory so quickly, it was stream of conscious in a single second which seemed to last a minute) the very last thing i saw of him was a vague detail of his knees and feet wiggling/sliding away into what would've been a row of chairs. in later conversations with a friend/coworker i was explained that the building had a history of fires and even a sealed off basement which had formely been a jail. there was a few others who had seen the boy too; i honestly will never forget those 700 year old eyes on that little boy.
  8. i wouldn't be surprised if cream was a zepfluence yay for pentangle, they're playin a 40th anniversary reunion tour this summer for you lucky brits. everyone should listen to moby dick and then to pentangle's song called bells and hear the cool differences of style. i've read jimmy looked up to bert jansch (pentangle guitar/banjo player). black mountainside and bron-yr-aur stomp for instance are two of jansch's tunes that page innovated into a zeppelin friendly format.
  9. just imagine a guyute with trey on the bow...now imagine bonham on a vacuum it's also too bad jimmy never thought of an 'it' festival....or even setlist opener pie graphs
  10. definitely love me some trey. ta boot ta boot does zeppelin even have free streaming internet radio yet?
  11. van halen was talented but never really put himself on the top shelf. quick notes and a band with dance moves really doesnt compare to page, hendrix, garcia, or anastasio even. i also think van halen's notes weren't as nearly soulful as just basically entertaining (no way he could pull off a SIBLY or villanova junction...i mean common he did 'bad', and that STILL sounded like a routine van halen solo)
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