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  1. Me too bro! That's what inspired it. The wife is watching it and I was reading your post, so it just came together in a complex weave of life and a lack thereof!
  2. Hilarious!! Could have been a King of Queens episode! Carrie: You bought a gun?? Doug: Carrie, it's a jungle out there. Carrie: I'm not sleeping in this bed with that THING in the room. Yada Yada, hilarity ensues... Doug trades in gun for gas grill. Carrie: Now that's more like it baby. Doug: Yeah. I love too you honey. I figure if I modify the valve I can use it as a grenade, and lob it at the guy before he gets past the couch! Sorry, I just made that up!
  3. I wonder why they called it "I'm Confused". The Jake Holmes song was called Dazed and Confused. Relf sings "Dazed and Confused" in the lyrics. Could it be another copyright dodge like The Yardbirds calling Train Kept a Rollin "Stroll On" on the Blow Up soundtrack?
  4. So, are Kiss really retiring and getting some guys to tour as an official Kiss tribute band? I can't believe that! Well I can believe it, it's just embarrassing. Integrity goes down the shitter in the name of the almighty dollar.
  5. When I visited Market Street was closed for construction. Can you imagine what it was like to get to The Psychedelic Shop for a stranger who doesn't know the streets? Damn one-ways! Bleh!
  6. Yes! It's all there, but not at the same time! Page really did have a vision, and he sure found the right people!
  7. Europe 1973 finds some great boards! Vienna has been mentioned I see. Pity some of the best performances are some of the most difficult to listen to. Spending time in my car this month is Intimidator. Geneva March 7, 1970. Bounces between sources, sound is somewhat dodgy at times, but what a show! Once the ears adjust... But this thread is about sound quality, so I'll shut up now!
  8. Levee is a jam. A fucking great jam! But a jam nonetheless. When I think of what might be their perfect song, I think of structure. Composition. Rain Song, Ten Years Gone, Achilles' Last Stand, The Song Remains the Same. These are amazing constructions! Zep might execute a perfect blues, or maybe Whole Lotta Love just says it for you (says it for me too, don't get me wrong) but it's two chords. Perfect in its simplicity, and its heavy groove (again, can't argue that). I was just thinking in terms of composition, as opposed to just laying it down. There's gold to be found in both of course.
  9. Now I know what's going on in my cat's head when he stares at me. Thanks Evster2012!
  10. These are some great stories! Great reading!
  11. I visited the Chateau Marmont and the Riot House when I vacationed in Los Angeles.
  12. Okay I'm game (and terribly bored)! There once was a big man named Grant
  13. A crucifix behind Led Zeppelin? Of all the symbols associated with the band, that's the last I'd expect to see, lol!
  14. 64 and cloudy. 76 with thunderstorms tomorrow.
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