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  1. Happy new year 2008!!!

    My forever friend Tawny Paul.XXXOOO

  2. 2 unpub. pics in Daily Mirror today (Fri) at Leeds Uni 24/12/07. Shhh. Keep it under your hat.....
  3. Can you imagine one day in the future when you will be able to summon up pretty much anything that has been recorded at any time, to view at home? That time will come... Sounds weird, but imagine trying to describe a home computer to someone just 50 years ago!... TP
  4. Sorry, I don't have access to an internet pic store, and this forum does not allow pics from hard-drive. I can send scan to someone if they can oblige... TP
  5. Previously unseen (?) pic of LZ in todays UK Daily Mirror, taken with them onstage ot Leeds University 24/01/70. Not much to see, Bonham is hidden behind his cymbol, Jones is hidden behind his hair, as is Plant, but a good face of Jimmy. TP
  6. I would prey they issue it uncut, as usually with these type of things, only a selection of everyones performances that makes it in. That was reasonable when it was video VHS as the tapes were only so long, but now its DVD, they can fit it all on, so theres no excuse. How about a delux version with wrist strap and ticket stub?? TP
  7. Now thats a proper proper fans behaviour! Go on my son!
  8. I can't tab, I have TAB dyslexia I'm sure, it just all blurs into numbers. I'm only playing for my own amusement and to scare the kids into going to bed, so I'm looking for semi-reasonable chord versions of LZ songs. Yes, I KNOW they won't sound right, and yes I KNOW I should learn music and do it properly, but are there any books with titles like "LZ in Chords", or anyone seen really easy versions of LZ songs in beginners books out there? TP
  9. Yes, they were A3 - ish. I think they were the first things to sell out at the gig.
  10. Let's face it, it's human nature that if there were whole web sites devoted to YOU and every move you made, everything you said, and every item you wore, wouldn't you look in occasionally to see what people were saying about you?!?!? I know I would.... Hey, maybe there is! I'll go and have a look.....
  11. Yes, not bad, not bad. There's still a chance you may get a part in Eastenders...
  12. The guy outside who tried to use his drivers licence to blag his way in, then wedged his foot in an exit-only door so some people outside heard 30secs of music before the bouncers appeared. Oh, hang on, that was me!
  13. I was stood beside someone who had the card sign ripped from round their neck by a dumb-ass security guy. When I asked why, I was ordered off the O2 site! Not that I was gone for long. I couldn't get in though. You're a lucky guy, nice one!
  14. Thank you for adding me to your friends, brother bull. )O

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