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  1. vinylcat

    road trip!

    hey all im planning a road trip this summer from cali to the east coast-ish. no real plans yet as to where and when. im looking for ideas: where to go, what to see, etc. i have only been to a few of the states, so pretty much everywhere is up for grabs. im going with a friend of mine who mtn bikes downhill so if anyone knows of good riding trails that would help too! any good suggestions?
  2. bring it on home, gallows pole, when the levee breaks, and i personally really like the lemon song. and i cant quit you baby. in my time of dying is at the top of my list. but apparently not so underrated since we fans seem to acknowledge its greatness so much on this thread. but how do you pick its all so damn sexy
  3. me and my friend in vegas. im on the right. a bit fuzzy but you get the idea. goodtimes
  4. my favorite non led hippie song - "white rabbit" jefferson airplane
  5. hey all im a newbie. been a fan for a while. first led song i heard was kashmir when i was a kid, because it was my moms favorite. i didnt even know the magnitude of that song till i realized who and what the band was. since then its been and still is a learning experience, i still hear songs by them that are new to me, which is great. anyway, hello. i hope theres no hazing rituals here.
  6. im conflicted. it would have been amazing to see led (and many other bands) in their day of course, but ive had some pretty good experiences at modern rock shows. muse for one puts on a spectacular performance. flogging molly is a rollicking good time too. ps: my mom says she saw led zeppelin and pink floyd when she was young, but doesnt really remember the shows and doesnt really care to. wtf?!
  7. sunny California. it was about 73 degrees today. this place is awesome
  8. mad world by gary jules just ended, next is neko case "hold on hold on" awesome to sing to.
  9. hey all im cat im new to this place. i love road trips and (obviously) rock music on vinyl. i hate bed sheets and bananas.
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