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  1. Hey Buddy!!! Fancy seeing you...it's been a while! I almost forgot about this place! I think I'll stick around a while, it seems a little more active than our other hangout....which of course I still frequent...I believe JPO is on here now too!

    Hugs Sweetie!

  2. Agreed that it is lame....unauthorized biography with little content
  3. At 19:44 of this track Jimmy breaks into a ominous lick that sounds a bit like Holst (Mars I think although Saturn would be more apropo) but maybe this riff is from some other unrecorded song? Just as quickly as it starts it ends (about 20:20) and that is it...over. It has a Sabbath sound a bit too dark for Zep but wondered if anyone knew anything about this riff. I like it and have started imagining a Zep song that would go with it......it sounds amazing by the way And sorry if there is a 50 page thread somewhere on the forums about this already
  4. Ordered three shirts online the day after the show (couldnt be bothered with the long lines) arrived Dec. 24th I live in oxfordshire so relatively close but dont worry.... they are coming..
  5. well if it was in the south wales echo then it must be happening.... They are simply showing their interest in having the concert. I dont think this means diddly squat about whether a tour is going to happen....
  6. 250k....jeez that would really suck...small is better 18000 O2 was big enough in my opinion
  7. Remember that the original date of Nov. 26 was cancelled and it is possible that Ronnie couldnt make the new date?
  8. postscript to my post after reading yours joe chip. I also generated a credit card to match the passcode holder....it turned out I didnt need it and it didnt cost anything. But i wasnt going to miss the concert because of Harvey Goldsmith and his misguided strategy.
  9. During full production rehearsals the band ran through the entire show twice, and this was also recorded on the DN9696 to further develop the mix and provide a time reference for the lighting and video crews. The band were then able to watch the whole show from an audience perspective, and also use the recordings to assess their live performances. This extra capacity provided by the DN9696 proved invaluable for a live event on this scale.
  10. I agree...they wont be touring again...although I would be surprised if the O2 was the last time. There will be no world tour though. If another concert is announced get your tickets quick.
  11. Tickets --250GBP for the passcode on ebay....even though all the jokers on this website told me that I wouldnt get in because I was buying a passcode and would lose my money. Live life and make it happen and dont listen to doubters. + 250 GBP for the tickets 500GBP total I took my partner Travel: 20 pounds in gas.. total 520GBP or 1000 bucks Completely worth every penny .....it was a bargain for the best concert.
  12. The minutes between the end of the intro and the end of GTBT were magic. That was the moment that I realised I was actually seeing them and they blew us all away. The rest of the night was simply icing on the cake.
  13. There are short interviews with footage that I am sure you have seen before..
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