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  1. Hey Buddy!!! Fancy seeing you...it's been a while! I almost forgot about this place! I think I'll stick around a while, it seems a little more active than our other hangout....which of course I still frequent...I believe JPO is on here now too!

    Hugs Sweetie!

  2. Sorry to disagree with some but Page is best overall. (Rock on Zoso88 although I think the quote was "Led Balloon" not "Zeppelin") On a number of dimensions he has contributed more and had a bigger impact on more people (which after all is what musicians are doing). Dont give me this guff about "its all up to personal taste" crap. ya right. in which case my aunt petunia is the best. and get off the speed trap business, the speed at which you move from E to F is no measure of greatness He has sold the most records as a guitarist. (elvis played but is not known for playing guitar, and george harrison was good but not as overally impactful and dont get me started on Iommi or Van Halen or Young or any of the other pretenders) Page played with and inspired Tom Jones, the Stones, who, Cocker Donovan I mean the list is endless and not only did he define a sound, but he helped others define their sound he was both mentor and teacher unlike others who simply were inspiring. Page is the winner and anyone who says otherwise needs to reevaluate which board they are on (this last bit is a joke, but the rest is serious)
  3. voodoo is a hard one That Voodoo- Adam and the Ants
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