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  1. I just saw this all-girl tribute band Zeparella this weekend in Denver!! They were very impressive. Gretchan, with her sweet angelic face, played the guitar quite exactly and as well as Jimmy Page! And the drummer got a real workout. I hope to see them again. They are well worth seeing.
  2. Here's one of a really young Jimmy I don't think I've seen before. http://www.cyrildavies.com/Images/jimmy%20page%20early2.jpg
  3. "Celebration Day" Led Zep. Reminds me of a pre-American Idol type contest. Also just heard "Rock Me Gently" by Andy Kim. It now reminds me of the recent TV commercial with the squirrel in the car singing it.
  4. Marianne Faithful can sing???
  5. I went to see George Thorogood and the Destroyers at Red Rocks Ampitheater last night. Love the guy! What a nice guy. I like his guitar style and such a good entertainer. I never get sick of hearing his songs. He loves the ladies and he's not an alcoholic, despite some of his songs LOL.
  6. I once heard how some used to say of Guns n Roses, great band, but the god awful singer. I have to laugh because I think Axl Rose has, or had, a really good singing voice.
  7. Mariah Carey is extremely annoying. With a big ego. Yoko Ono right there with her. Bob Dylan the worst. rap music singers
  8. Yeah, his beautiful eyes and that black hair. His intelligence and sense of humor. And he doesn't seem to have major psychological issues. And his friendliness. Is Knebworthbabe still here?? She's testified to his kindness and humor...
  9. Thanks, LeZoso. Jimmy certainly looked fit in '84!
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