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  1. God, when I heard SIBLY from TSRTS, 3 years ago, I fell for Robert...And think that, when I was 10 I deemed him an arrogant bastard!!!
  2. Well, I've loved ALL Jimmy's looks but... ...White Dragon Suit does make me ....melt!!! He looks way too ...HOT on this!!!
  3. Hell, yes, I'd marry Robert.... :wub: :wub: God, this poll made me ...fangirl!!
  4. Thanks for sharing, Spacewoman!
  5. Oh, yes, I do love all Led Zep songs, but this one just does not do 'that something' to me....
  6. BWAAAAHHHH! I can't choose between "The Song Remains the Same" or "No Quarter"! :'(
  7. Oh, well, the first song I ever heard of Led Zep was The Immigrant Song! It was at the age of 6, when my dad was putting "Led Zeppelin III" (the only album he has on vinyl, haha!) on his pick-up with speakers up!!! I really loved that SCREAM!!... As for Whole Lotta Love, I first heard it much later, when I was 9!
  8. Oh, yes!! I forgot to mention them! God, there are more underrated Led Zep songs than I had thought!!
  9. Well, I'm still single, too! However, this period I have a crush on someone...
  10. Haha, yes!! As one of my friends has told me: "The most precious perfumes are the smallest ones!!"
  11. Seriously, yay!! It's just they don't dig a bit deeper, just like me!! (Bad self! )
  12. Oh, yeah, me, too!! Though I haven't told them about it ....
  13. Oh, dear!! When I was 15, and generally in my school years, it was THE WORST PERIOD IN MY LIFE!! School was awful, minus the pressure of being the top student in class (and I really was!) and the peer pressure!! Now I'm 18 (reaching 19 in a few months) and my life is a lot better! I've been much more open and assertive than in my school years! So, I think that as years go by, things will little by little much better! So, 17 is not an OLD AGE, dear, c'mon!!
  14. Certainly! And they also ignore 'In the Light', one of my favourites, too! That does make me scratch my head!!
  15. I'm 18 (reaching 19 on July 12th) and I like it, hehe!
  17. Well, this song has conquered me ...forever!! I love every bit of it: Can I mention Jimmy's melodic solo, Robert's amazing vocals or lyrics first? It's underrated, as I see that most of my "real life" friends, who are Led Zep fans, seem to ignore this song, 'Carouselambra', 'Achilles Last Stand' or 'Ten Years Gone', that are some of my most loved ones!!
  18. Gosh, I do like this, too!! Yummy!! However, due to a hormonical problem I have, I'm on a diet to lose weight, so ...bye, bye chocolate!
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