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  1. JRomero

    O2 concert DVD

    You gotta think... It took 24 years for Knebworth to be partially released, 28 for partial Earl's Court, 33 for most of Albert Hall... Who knows how long it will take for this to be released? Besides Jimmy Page, of course.
  2. Very nice post! I'm more familiar with Pete Cornish's work he did for David Gilmour, but this pedal board is quite amazing. It seems the guitar heroes of the 70's are loving the Digitech Whammy pedal. Gilmour used one on his most recent solo album and tour, and Jimmy got good use out of it during the extended solo jam in Trampled Underfoot at the reunion show. Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave relies on one pretty heavily, as well. I know a while back, Pete Cornish took down some pages and photos from his website because a lot of people were making replicas of his boards, which is a patent infringement, I believe.
  3. I would suggest looking for one in your local Craigslist. You have a good chance of finding one for cheap or even free.
  4. Are you referring to the live version that's on the Led Zeppelin DVD? If so, that version is in Open G tuning. There is an extended, improvised solo in the middle that relied heavily on the main riff from a Chet Atkins song called "Black Mountain Rag". Hope this helps!
  5. Part of it was fashion, I'm sure. He wore those sort of clothes on the 1980 tour, as well. Kinda gave him that business-professional look. Of course, I prefer the dragon suits.
  6. Led Zeppelin - "Good Times Bad Times" You know I've had my share.
  7. Your feelings for Houses of The Holy are the same feelings I have for Presence. Some great songs (Achilles Last Stand, Nobody's Fault But Mine, Hots On For Nowhere), but the rest I can easily skip.
  8. What Led Zeppelin song did Jimmy record using his Gibson EDS-1275?
  9. I'm prepared to get shunned for saying this: I think a lot of people overlook Hats Off To (Roy) Harper. I know quite a few people who list it as their least favourite Led Zeppelin song, but I think it has many redeeming qualities. Okay, now you can shun me.
  10. A very long time ago, my parents bought me this Led Zeppelin t-shirt. This must of been around 1998 or 1999. For the longest time now, I've been trying to locate the images used on the t-shirt, but to no success. Here are photos of the t-shirt: Jimmy Page: Robert Plant: John Paul Jones: John Bonham: And help is greatly appreciated! Thank you and happy holidays! Jason
  11. I completely agree with you. It really disappoints me that Robert couldn't hit the high notes after the 1972 US Tour. Without those high notes, the song really loses a lot of strength. But Jimmy's solos in 1973 really make up for it. His playing was superb.
  12. Everybody knows that you gotta play The Immigrant Song as loud as possible and sing it to her. Duh!
  13. When was the last time Robert Plant sang the first "Many times I've loved" line in Over The Hills And Far Away correctly live?
  14. For anyone who can't decided between How The West Was Won and The Song Remains The Same, please do the following: Listen to Over The Hills And Far Away from both albums. Please note that while the version on TSRTS is good, the version from HTWWW punches you in the face so hard, it damn near breaks your nose. Summary: TSRTS version: HTWWW version: My two cents, anyway.
  15. I'm not certain, but looking at photos, John Paul Jones was still using individual guitars for the acoustic set in Baton Rouge, LA on 5/19/1977. He definitely had it by the LA shows in June. So it's somewhere in that time period.
  16. When was the last time Led Zeppelin played The Crunge and/or Walter's Walk during Dazed And Confused?
  17. JRomero

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Just for laughs, I went to MyHeritage.com to run a face comparison on one of the photos posted here. I got chills when it returned with this:
  18. Are you talking about the "How The West Was Won" version? If so, Robert says, "Soul of a woman was created below. And I like it!"
  19. Sorry about that! Typo on my behalf. When was the last time Jimmy wore one of his iconic polyester suits on stage?
  20. This is one thing that has been puzzling me for quite some time: Live, Robert would sing it, "Many times I loved", but on the album it sounds like he says, "Many have I loved". Which is the correct lyric?
  21. I love Great White's CD, "Great Zeppelin". It is a live recording of one of the special Led Zeppelin tribute shows they did back in 1998. Great White is fantastic at covering Led Zeppelin, and their singer, Jack Russell can really nail Robert Plant, yet give it his own originality. Here is a YouTube clip of them doing Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhcAS2-tBb8
  22. Awesome lists, NickZepp! When was the last time John Bonham used his amber vistalite kit live?
  23. I've read that the intro to ALS was played on a 12-string electric guitar. But after listening to it, the opening riff sounds like it is played on a 6-string while the ending riff is played on a 12-string. Both of them have heavy phase shifting...probably an MXR Phase 90 pedal.
  24. I'll have to grab that copy. I have the TDOLZ release, and it's the one that refutes the performance of the Immigrant Song that night. My soundboard also sounds like it's a semitone too fast. Looks like I need to hop on some bootlegs.
  25. Thank you for confirming. It's a shame to hear Robert struggle to hit the high notes on the "On we sweep with..." section. It ends up being like a monotonous spoken sort of voice. Does your recording sound sped up?
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