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  1. Hey Carl, How's it going? Haven't talked to ya in a while.When did you acquire the stainless kit? Last we spoke you finally got the tymph you been looking for. Here's a couple shots of my kit that's set up in my basement.
  2. I don't think blasphemy is the way to get the fine folks on this forum to post to your questions. You should be ashamed of yourself Since I'm sorta new,I'll be delighted to state my opinion on your "art" question. IMO anything you hang on your wall that is pleasant to the eye and is attractive is a form of art. A picture/painting/object/poster can all be classed as art. My basement is finely decorated with old and new pictures & posters of Led Zeppelin....I concider it a "museum" of fine art.
  3. I always had the impression that those 2 guys were band security and they were giving robert some of the paraphernalia that were thrown up on the stage during the show
  4. Yes, it was taken backstage in L.A. 1972 US tour
  5. zep73, Thanks for that link, I definately want one of those but i'm gonna have to start saving up for it,it's a bit pricey but way too cool!!
  6. I'd also have to go with John Bonham,he's been my inspiration to play drums since I was about 12 years old,right around the time Zep4 came out.Here's a couple shots of my Ludwig Vistalite kit.
  7. I did get a "new" pair w/ tags of Zeppelin boxers off ebay at a steal compared to some stores I've seen them in.
  8. I've got the page w/ doubleneck figure(keeping it in the package),and one of these miniature Gibson Jimmy Page model SG's. They are very cool and even come with the display stand. http://cgi.ebay.com/Miniature-Guitar-Jimmy...1QQcmdZViewItem
  9. I'd check eBay first,you can really find some cool and rare zeppelin merchandise there,and it won't cost a bundle. I picked up a few things lately,posters,pics,and some Zep clothing pretty cheap.
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