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  1. you`ve got a nice photo, it is you with page?

  2. all I can say is what a day! met many new friends and drank until the wee hours. So many Zep fans so little time but many of emails exchanged over several bottles of Jack. Got tickets and wristbands with ease and the bar was right there playing Zep loud. AN atmosphere I could imagine anywhere else! It would take me hours to write about the experiences of the day. in a word...AMAZING! THere is so much energy here that sleep or no sleep, didn't matter. Jack D held us up! People from all over the world becoming one community! Oh and rehearsals, they're playing in my time of dying! Yes indeed today is going to be one for the books. All meeting at O2 at 3pm to begin the binge where we left off early this morning! More to come from everyone here I'm sure!
  3. I'm sitting at the gate, my flight to Toronto leaves in an hour to meet up with my good friend boogiewithdewaine for our flight to London (Air Canada 848) later this eve. Krauss/ Plant playing on the ternminal speakers, I can see a rack of Rolling Stones mags in sight witht boys on the cover. I'm shaking and think me needs a drink right now!
  4. A lot of us sharing flights or arrival times. I will be wearing a Zep T-shirt and will be looking for others that are as well! I think the journey could be close to as much fun as the concert itself given the interest in getting together and can't wait to stand in line for wristbands with thousands of others. I think that's going to be a party unto itself. A religious experience for sure. Our journey to Mecca!
  5. I'm a member of gotickets.com and I just received the same email saying this: Led Zeppelin has announced that it will play its first US show in over 30 years at the Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, TN next June. On December 10, the band will reunite for a single concert in London, though speculation continutes to grow that additional shows will be added. Tickets for the Bonnaroo festival have not gone on sale yet. GoTickets will keep you informed of the latest news on Led Zeppelin tickets.
  6. I have a boot from mid 70's where they do "What's That Sound" by Jefferson Airplane and it was un believable. I would love to hear that live!
  7. Me and my bud boogiewithdewaine from Calgary are on flight 848 but leaving on the 7th arriving the morning of the 8th (sat) I guess they have the same flight number for this route everyday. I'll be wearing a zep tshirt and looking for all others. THe pilgrimage begins a week from today!!
  8. That's right my friend. We're there. I still shake a bit everytime I say "I'm going to London to see Led Zeppelin" THe best Christmas present ever!
  9. HEy that's cool. We should def meet up for a brew or two or three. I'm sure just standing in line for wristbands and tickets will be a religious experience and a party unto itself!
  10. I'm staying at the Novatel which is supposed to be a 10 minute walk to the O2. Looks like a lot of us are arriving Saturday morning. Everyone wear yur Zep T's! We'll find each other! I wish I was staying at the International by the looks of things here but a party I will find! If there's enough of us on flight 848 from Toronto maybe we can convince Air Canada to rename the flight! "Starship to O2 now leaving at gate 777" ...I'm actually also very excited to be flying on Boeings new 777. lol
  11. hey all, leaving originally from Halifax but plane to London leaving Toronto Friday Dec7th arriving Saturday morning Air Canada flight 848. ANyone on this flight??
  12. The real treat for me was Over the Hills, when I heard the solo it was just like hearing the soundtrack the day I bought it 30 years ago. What a smile I had on my face. I call my friend who's going to the concert with me and lives on the opposite end of Canada and played it to him over the phone. On a very good sound system you can really hear how they cleaned it up and the true ambience and accoustics of the arena really come through. I ordered the DVD from Amazon and can't wait! Expected delivery is a day before I leave for London so hopefully I'll be watching it on the plane trip accross the pond!! TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY!!
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