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  1. No Quarter does it for me. I love the studio version, one of my all time favourite songs not just solo. But the live version on Song Remains the Same is mind-blowing. Ignore the visuals, close your eyes and be transported to a magical place.....
  2. Bron-Yr-Aur, Wales..............No, really, Bron-Yr-Aur
  3. 1. Page 2. Me 3. Hendrix 4. Clapton 5. My mate Trevor 6. Guilmour
  4. I`m talking here about songs that never made the Mothership or Remasters collection. Songs that you think should be on any "Best of" album and why. I`ll throw a few names in the hat..... Bring It on Home - probably the fattest, meatiest guitar riff I`ve ever heard and every time I play it I just have to turn the volume up a little bit more. Four Sticks - easily, the finest rhythm section in rock performing what no other rhythm section has dared to pull off since. Awesome beat, rocking electric guitar riff supplemented beautifully by the accoustic interludes, and some of the most powerful
  5. How daft a question is this ???!!??? It`s like asking "What was your favourite w@nk" !!!!!! LOL
  6. Know exactly where you`re coming from, Blue fella, but the track of the album has to be Nobody`s Fault...For me, arguably, one of the most under-rated Zep tracks, but a most unique structure, sound and quality that sums up Zep at their best.
  7. September 13th...........unlucky for some !!
  8. Good call, Leese. Any album with Nobody`s Fault but Mine, Achilles Last Stand, Tea For One and For Your Life on must be right up there. In fact, you`ve convinced me - Presence is my new favourite Zep album !! Oh, wait a minute....I`ve just spotted Physical Graffiti in my collection......oh bugger, there`s Led Zep II next to it.....and III......and IV...... This isn`t fair, the only harder question to answer would be "What`s your favourite Led Zep song?"
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