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  1. I don't think it's silly to get a tattoo at 50. I just got my 5th tattoo about 3 months ago and I'll be 43 next week. What's really weird is that when I got my last tattoo I talked to my tattooist about doing an apprenticeship. I am now officially 2 months into my tattoo apprenticeship!!
  2. not in this order: Robert Plant The Firm Jimmy Page Outrider Tour Bad Company Judas Priest Iron Maiden opening for 38 Special Deep Purple twice w/Ian Gillan Billy Joel and Elton John Triumph Yes twice Steppenwolf America Starship The Guess Who The Eagles Stone Temple Pilots Charlie Daniels Grateful Dead Crosby, Stills and Nash Moody Blues Joe Walsh Steve Morse REO Speedwagon Blue Oyster Cult George Carlin (comedian) twice Howie Mandel Just last week a taping of Soundstage for PBS: Jim Peterik w/World Stage with Ides of March, Johnny Van Zant from Skynryd, Donnie Van Zant and Don Barns of 38 Special, Ray Parker Jr., Micky Thomas of Starship, Martha Davis of the Motels, and Night Ranger. Oh and both lead singers from Survivor. I know there were many more concerts but thats all I can think of for the moment
  3. I really love Iron Maiden and this is how I discovered them... Way back in the early 80's I would go see bands at a small 3300 seat auditorium near my home. One of the bands I went to see was 38 Special and this band Iron Maiden was opening for them. I had never heard of Maiden before and it was absolutely the oddest pairing of opening band/main act I had ever seen. IRON MAIDEN blew away 38 Special... so much so that people walked out of the show in the middle of 38 Specials set. My seat was in the 3rd row so I could see how annoyed the band was that people walked out. On that day I became an Iron Maiden fan for life.
  4. I thought I'd contribute a photo of the band I scanned. Hope you all like it...
  5. My husband and I went in 2005. London is very expensive so if you want to do something relatively inexpensive and you like history, you can go to the British Museum. They have lots of cool stuff there like the rosetta stone and lots of Egyptian artifacts, and an actual Easter Island Statue. The place is huge and you can spend hours there. When we went it was free to get in but they had a big bin to give a donation to the museum. The London eye was cool. It was a long line but once you buy tickets they tell you what time to get in the queue. We also went to the London Dungeon which was a creepy wax museum. If you like that kind of thing there is also Madam Toussauds wax museum. Be sure to see Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral. One thing we really enjoyed was the English pubs. I thought the food in the pubs was great and inexpensive. Many of the restaurants around London were outrageously priced. We did enjoy a rib place at Picadilly Circus called Adam's Ribs. Walking shoes are a great idea. Also, the tube is a great way to get around the city. I had never been on a subway before but it was extremely easy to find your way around. We also utilized the bus system a bit. Have a nice trip!!!
  6. 1. How long have you been listening to Led Zeppelin? Since mid 1970's 2. What would you say is your favourite album of theirs? Physical Graffiti 3. Your favourite song(s)? Today it's Dazed and Confused 4. In terms of design, what would you say is their most powerful album sleeve? Led Zeppelin I 5. What colours or colour schemes would you generally associate with the band? Black/White 6. During which period of their career would you say they were at their creative peak? Early to mid 70's 7. In general, what do you think would be the most effective means of introducing the band’s music to the younger generations? Reunite for a World Tour 8. Who or what made you start listening to them? I heard Stairway to Heaven on the radio... which made me buy Zep IV. 9. Apart from the obvious iconic image of the zeppelin, what do you think is the strongest form of imagery associated with the band? The Zeppelin crashing on the first album. 10. Finally, in no more than five words, what do you love about Led Zeppelin? Jimmy, Robert, Jonesy, John, Jason
  7. I have a book called Led Zeppelin A Visual Documentary by Paul Kendall. I got it when I was in high school eons ago. This picture from the book of Robert is one of my favorites... he looks so young and innocent.
  8. When I was younger I loved this line from Houses of the Holy: Are you dizzy when you're stoned Let the music be your master Will you heed the master's call Being a "Lord of the Rings" fan, from The Battle of Evermore: The pain of war cannot exceed The woe of aftermath, The drums will shake the castle wall, The ring wraiths ride in black, Ride on. and from Ramble On: T'was in the darkest depth of Mordor I met a girl so fair, But gollum, the evil one crept up And slipped away with her.
  9. I honestly never thought Led Zep would get together and perform a concert... and they did. Never in a million years would I have thought they'd tour again, but I hope they do. It would be my dream to see them perform live.
  10. To the members of Led Zeppelin and everyone involved in making the music of Led Zeppelin possible, I want to thank you all for creating the music of Led Zeppelin. It has made the bad parts of my life tolerable and the good parts better. Music has a way of reaching different people in different ways. Yours has reached so many people and in my life, has had such a positive effect. I cannot express my gratitude to you for being a major part of the soundtrack of my life. Thank you.
  11. It's too difficult to name just one song. Hmmm... there are so many to choose from. I'd have to say anything on Physical Graffiti, Dazed and Confused, Immigrant Song, Thank You, Stairway to Heaven, Battle of Evermore, Going to California, Over the Hills and Far Away, I can go on and on..........
  12. Absolutely it has to be Jimmy for me. I have a thing for guitar players!!
  13. I'm 42 and feeling old compared to some of the younger fans. I've loved Zep since I was a kid... never seen them but saw Plant in the early 80's and Jimmy with the Firm and the Outrider tour.
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