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  1. Then I'd have seen nothing all the way through!!! Couldn't see a thing during the standing ovation. It's only the security that let it down Steve....otherwise its a nice venue...much more intimate that then MEN. Pity they demolished the Hard Rock years ago......I remember Zep playing there in 72!!
  2. Hopefully I'll catch it tonight...got the time wrong on Tuesday and switched on just in time to see the end of the show!
  3. Thought it was brilliant...so was Nothin...there again thought the whole show was brilliant! All in all a great performance from both Robert and Alison and a really great grown up night out!! Pity the security team didn't see it that way we were hardly unruly teenagers!! Thanks for the photos Lilith...I only dared have one attempt with my mobile and as I was sat behind the tallest man in the world it was totally unsuccessful!!
  4. Great pics and reviews....really looking forward to tonight in Manchester now!!!
  5. Thank you so much for posting the links...I've just managed to watch the videos...should have been working...but got distracted!!
  6. Brilliant set list....Thank You so much for keeping posting all this...though how you managed it is beyond me as it has taken me all night to get on the boards without them crashing! Saw a little of Black Dog on the News....must have been the press release piece as BBC 1 & 2 and ITV all had exactly the same clip. Whole thing looked awesome bet those there had an fantastic night.
  7. Been thinking about this all morning...I'd happily have queued in the rain. Hope you all have an absolutely fantastic time tomorrow night and enjoy it for all of us who would have loved to have been there!
  8. All My Love


    Thanks for posting the piccies Knebby Hadn't seen any of those before.....only just found this thread...been a busy week and completely missed the papers on Sunday! Guess thats just the norm at the moment...can't remember when things actually did go right!
  9. Well this has made me feel a whole lot better....my friends, my husband and daughters look at me as if I'm from another planet!! Husband bought me the DVD last Christmas and I was really getting back into them when the Reunion Concert was announced....sat up half the night to register ...but played by the rules only registered the once in my own name and wasn't lucky enough to get a ticket....devasted for days...but got over it with the aid of alcohol!! I consider myself really lucky as I saw them in Manchester Dec 72...I was very young!!!!!!! First concert I went to and what a way to
  10. Wish I was more technically able and could download some of these onto my computer ...however I've probably drooled enough and I'll never get any work done.....have to say he's still gorgeous though .... but I particularly love the ones taken around 72 when I saw them play in Manchester....brings the memories flooding back!
  11. Used to look at the old site all the time and was registered BUT NEVER posted ...basically cos I was a Newbie and don't do forums as I don't know what I'm doing! However might as well start somewhere with the New Site!
  12. Mine arrived from Amazon.co.uk on Monday ....was originally due last week and then I received an email saying release date was delayed. Its really good ...much better than the original that I've lost somewhere along the way!
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