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  1. thanks for the link, just realized that the contest ends tomorrow
  2. Zepp is in 3rd with 20%.. I still think its unfair the Michael Jackson is on the list twice..
  3. Thats really unfair. If Zepplin comes in 3rd i'm counting it as first since the Michael Jackson fans are cheating
  4. Voting for round 4/the final round has started.. As of right now Zepp is in 1st by a lot but i'm sure the percents will change as the MJ fans realize about the poll opening.. I def think Zepp has a chance this round .. Lets get voting! http://msg.com/photos/100-best-madison-square-garden-shows-final-10/slide/1/
  5. I voted. it looks like they are keeping hold of their place in fourth but they are pretty close to overtaking Whitney Houston for third.
  6. I dont think you screwed it up.. I like it
  7. Just read on Blabbermouth that they'll be doing a special on Metallica and Mastodon.... Sweeeet http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermo...wsitemID=121233
  8. I checked out your link - looks really cool. I guess I missed it last week but I'll def be checking it out tonight.
  9. Do you guys have any suggestions for what to watch on tv tonight?? I've got this damn flu that wont go away so I'm going to be indoor for a while.
  10. They're supposed to have a Best of Bonnaroo thing tonight at 9. Worth tuning into if you ask me. They're going to play some good acts.
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