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  1. I've often wondered about the 1980 tour being multi-tracked as well. Bonzo's kick drum has 2 mics in many photos of the tour. Could be that by 1980, he was using 2 mics for a bigger sound, but I doubt it. I would have to review pics from the tour, but another sign of a show being recorded is 2 sets of overhead mics on the drums. If memory serves me, The 1980 tour over Europe only has one set.
  2. Happy birthday jimmy! And thanks for being my idol. I am a working musician today because of you. My path was forever changed the day the needle fell down on the fourth album and I heard the black dog riff for the very first time. I said, "this is what I want to do!" Thank you so much, Corey
  3. I forgot to clarify something. I believe the guitar for sale is not JP's and I believe it is not even a 1961 stratocaster. I think it is a music ground special fakeocaster. The 1982 photo is Jimmy's 1957 strat. He has the '57, the '60's lake placid blue strat, and the '61 that is in IMGL. Which I don't think anybody really knew of until the movie came out. I know he had some modern strats in the '90's for the page and plant stuff. Knowing Jimmy, he's probably got many more.
  4. Hey there, I have only posted on here a couple of times, but I follow you guys all the time. I HAD to comment on this one! Music Ground are the ones selling this guitar. Those guys are the most infamous crooks in the business! They have scammed thousands of people including famous musicians. Justin is the son. The dad and him have been charged and convicted several times for this. They have a whole crew that makes phony vintage guitars. I bet they saw the It Might Get Loud footage and used that to get the dings and scratches in the right place. I wanna know how these guys are still in busines
  5. I think what some people over look is Jimmy's sound. Jimmy is playing quite well in '75. It really is a continuation of '73. Jimmy's amps were modified before the '75 tour to have more output. This made the sound more clean and less overdriven. So he is missing some of the crunch he had with stock marshalls. Jimmy's speed and fluidity are still there, but with a cleaner sound. As any of you that play guitar know, distortion and overdrive covers alot of mistakes. Cleaner sounds can make it sound like you are tripping over yourself. Real clankity sounding and not as smooth and compresse
  6. Thanks! I found it on my own. I should have looked harder. I have that show. I love D&C on that one. Thanks again!
  7. I used to have a CD boot that had a version of 'Since I've Been Loving You' on it where at the end, Robert say's, "Well that's something we'll always play, as long as we're in exsistence" My question is does anybody know which show it is from? I thought is was Destroyer, then I thought it was a 1980 soundboard, but I can't remember. Now I have 70 plus LZ bootlegs that I have downloaded, but I can't find that quote. I'm thinking it was on a different version of a show I already have. Can anyone answer this one?
  8. Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin: The Illustrated History of the Heaviest Band of All Time (Hardcover) Has anyone looked at this book? The inconsistensies are horrendous! I don't know how the author Jon Bream got all his info, but it looks like he put a google search for LZ in print. It has several mislabled pictures. Example-1973 tour pics labeled as 1975. A Seattle 1973 picture labeled as 1972. Us fans should form a LZ picture editing company. It seems that even the casual fans could identify 1973 outfits! The text was just as bad. He copied interviews from well known magazine articles
  9. I guess I should have titled this thread "Is Jimmy's #1 a '58 or '59, discuss." Any word on whether or not there is some documentation of Joe Walsh playing the guitar?
  10. Just to clarify, that is not the only difference between years. Up through 1958 and even early 1959 the neck profile was large. Sometime in 1959 Gibson thinned the profile a little. And then in mid 1960, they thinned the neck profile down even more. My source is a book called Beauty of the Burst. As well as the fact that Gibson Historic Les Paul neck profiles reflect the year it was modeled after and I have owned several. '58's are big, '59's are smaller, and '60's are thin.
  11. They are both 1959's. Look at the RAH video in 1970. Jimmy removed the bridge pickup cover. The pickup is a 'double white' in color. Double whites were used starting in mid 1959 due to a lack of black colored plastic by the manufacturer. Later when that pickup failed in Australia 1972, Jimmy put in a 1970's T top pickup with a crome cover. You will notice that the crome cover is much more shiney than the neck nickel cover and you can see this in photos for the rest of the 70's. He changed the bridge pickup again sometime in the late '80s to an all black pickup. Presumably a 1950's PAF.
  12. The one with Zebra's was made for Jimmy in the early '90's by the Gibson Custom Shop. It was used as a back up on the Unledded show. He played it for "Thank You."
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