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  1. From record store day: I also ordered a few things online today: And also Stevie Wonder's Innervisions (the picture doesn't seem to show up). Can't wait for them to arrive .
  2. Grabbed this from another message board: Rockism - the dogma WIP § 1 Music has to be authentic. § 2 The composer, writer and singer or guitar player must be the same person. Exceptions can be made for new versions of songs allready released in accordance with rockist dogma. § 3 Music released in the album format is superior to music released in other formats. § 4 Instrumentation has to be acoustic and/ or electric guitars, acoustic drums, electric bass and a maximum of two other elements. The music should be fairly difficult to play live on said instruments. § 5 The production of the sixties and seventies are the state of Paradise, and any innovation after that is a result of the Devils work, trying to corrupt the perfect creation. § 6 Music should have a specific degree of complexity and atonality. Too little, and it's unworthy, commersial bubble gum. Too much, and it's not really music, just noise. § 7 Music should not be made for the purpose of dancing. I think we've gone through pretty much all of these points during the course of this thread and each and every one of them don't really make any sense. The term "rockist" in itself is a bit stupid though.
  3. Well, I've been listening to it since the digital release (newspaper album coming in May ) and I do really like it. It's not really anything that innovative or new by Radiohead's standars, it's just a short collection of mostly great songs. My favourites are Bloom, Feral, Lotus Flower, Codex, Give Up the Ghost and Separator. I'm also gonna try to get a hold of that new single they are releasing for record store day. Many people were suprisingly disappointed with the album but a part of the problem might be that it requires quite a few listens to get into. As for Radiohead in general: If someone were to ask for my favourite band ever right now, it would be a close call between Radiohead and Pink Floyd and ultimately I think I'd choose Radiohead. They have the amazing ability of taking influences from many sources and then making music that still sounds like Radiohead. As you said, they got a signature sound. I also can't understand the people that say Radiohead went bad when they started to experiment with electronic music. As much as I love OK Computer, I have to say that the change was for the better. My top Radiohead album rankings would go something like this: 1. Kid A 2. OK Computer 3. Amnesiac 4. In Rainbows 5. The King of Limbs 6. Hail to the Thief 7. The Bends 8. Pablo Honey I think Amnesiac might even be my favourite if they had chosen the songs for that album a bit more carefully. The b-sides to Amnesiac are mostly amazing. Songs like The Amazing Sounds of Orgy, Trans-Atlantic Drawl, Kinetic, Fog and Cuttooth are great and would replace a few songs from Amnesiac in my mind. Especially Fog is a simply amazing song, over the course of the last few weeks it has become one of my all time Radiohead favourites.
  4. I honestly can't see how the incorporation of rhythm could make music worse. For me melody and rhythm complement each other. The hooks can also come from the rhythm , you know ? For an example, I'm listening to an artist called Burial at the moment. He's genre of music is dubstep which is based almost entirely on rhythm and atmosphere. Even though the songs are not very melodic in the traditional sense, I can still get hooked on them because the rhythms are so addictive. One might need to educate themselves to be able to appreciate rhythms in a new way. Once you learn to appreciate rhythm, it could open up a whole new world of opportunities to you. By the way, I used to love the 60's and 70's stuff and always said all new music is talentless tripe. These days, when I listen to something that I have yet to hear from that era, there's a big chance that it will simply sound boring. I don't even really know why, but at the moment I feel like I usually get a lot more enjoyment from music that is from the 90's, 00's or from this decade (I'm also starting to appreciate the 80's more). There's nothing better than finding out about an album that was released a couple of years ago that was totally off your radar and then falling in love with it. I don't really get that feeling as much with the 60's and 70's.
  5. Sounds like rateyourmusic.com me. I think there was a thread on this a while back . My view on that was that it seems to change every year. I enjoyed 2010 very much for an example and 2011 has been pretty good so far.
  6. It's not that new but here's something I've been completely obsessed with for the last few weeks: Portico Quartet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqZQI9YYGZI
  7. Ever since opening up to new music more and more (this happened some 6-9 months ago) I have stopped paying much attention to release years and even genres. I can find great music from all eras but I must admit that these days most of my finds tend to concentrate more on the 90s/00s and 10s. In terms of genres I've started straying away from strictly "rock" music and into many other territories. Some genres to mention: "Indie", "Alternative", Singer / Songwriter, Jazz (mostly the classics but some new stuff too), Electronic (this covers a wide range of things), some Hip-Hop, Afrobeat and starting to explore other African music too, just listened to some Soul music for the first time today and the list goes on.... I've also found myself a lot more open to trying things out. Websites like Last.fm and Rateyourmusic help a lot in finding new and interesting artists to listen to. So, to answer your question: There's still a lot of good music out there, you just need to look for it a bit harder.
  8. Radiohead B-sides and live numbers from The Bends-era. This song in particular is amazing and I wonder why it wasn't on the album:
  9. Just put Jens Carelius' both albums on my spotify starred playlist. Will make sure to listen to them soon Just listened to that song too. Sounds good !
  10. Xorq


    That new Iron & Wine album sure is a grower. I was a little disappointed at first but after about 5 listens or so it has really opened up. Sam Beam seems to have gone for an even fuller sound, using a full band to give the songs more dimensions. Favourite tracks: Walking Far From Home, Tree By The River, Monkeys Uptown, Rabbit Will Run, Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me.
  11. Folk, Folk-Rock and acoustic music in general are some of my favourite kinds of music. I've mostly listened to newer stuff and I seem to find worthwhile music of this kind quite often. Some older stuff: There's Bob Dylan of course. I only got a compilation album so far. Might get into his music a bit more sometime. I really like Pink Moon by Nick Drake. Five Leaves Left and Bryter Layter have yet to impress me as much. Newer stuff: Bon Iver has a few good songs and For Emma, Forever Ago is overall a pretty good album which sets a pretty strong atmosphere. Bonnie "Prince" Billy's (aka Will Oldham) music leans more on Americana and I absolutely love his album I See a Darkness. One of my all time favourites. I have yet to check out his other works. Erland & The Carnival is a very recent find for me. Their self-titled album sounds quite a lot like 60's folk music I think. There's even a few cover versions of old folk songs. Fleet Foxes was mentioned above Rock N' Rollin' Man. Their s/t debut is a great album. Sun Giant ep also contains some very good songs. They got a new album coming this year. Iron & Wine (aka Sam Beam) is one of my favourite artist in this genre. The earlier stuff is more acoustic (Our Endless Numbered Days for an example) but he has started to include more and more elements into his music with the two following releases The Shepherd's Dog and Kiss Each Other Clean which was released earlier this month. I actually prefer his later material because it seems to offer more things to find. Junip was another new artist I found out about last year. Their music is a mix of acoustic guitars, interesting rhythms and 70's kind of synths. Fields is a good album even if it's a tad bit too samey. Junip brings me to Jose Gonzalez who is the frontman of the band. He's been pursuing a solo career too. I've only listened to his first album Veneer once but it seemed like a quality, barebones folk album. And then there's of course one of my favourite bands Midlake. Their second album The Trials of Van Occupanther is a soft-rock / folk-rock type of thing which I love. Their third album The Courage of Others is heavier and darker. I've read comparisons to Jethro Tull and Fairport Convention. The Tallest Man On Earth was also mentioned above by Rock N' Rollin' Man. He sounds a bit like Dylan but after some listening you notice that he's certainly not some cheap rip-off or anything. I've only listened to Shallow Grave so far and the melodies are so catchy that I wonder why he has yet to gain bigger success. His second album The Wild Hunt was released last year. I'm interested in seeing what this genre offers in the future and to explore some of the old classics.
  12. Xorq


    I totally forgot about that one too. I recall hearing that they were first going to release it in 2010 but it got pushed back a bit so I think it coming out this year is quite reasonable.
  13. Ah, I knew I should have done a search first
  14. Xorq


    Well, I ended up listening to most of the albums released last year by surprise but this time there's a few I'm looking forward to. R.E.M. - Collapse Into Now Iron & Wine - Kiss Each Other Clean (coming out in less than a month actually) New TCV album New Radiohead album That's all I can think for now to be honest.
  15. Since we have a thread on what releases people are looking forward to this year, I thought we also need a thread to share our favourite albums (and why not songs too) of 2010. I'll start 14. Beach House - Teen Dream 13. Black Dub - Black Dub 12. John Grant - Queen of Denmark 11. The Coral - Butterfly House 10. Menomena - Mines 9. Tame Impala - Innerspeaker 8. Susanne Sundfor - The Brothel 7. Junip - Fields 6. Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 5. Midlake - The Courage of Others 4. Dungen - Skit I Allt 3. The Black Keys - Brothers 2. Sufjan Stevens - Age of Adz 1. The National - High Violet All this can also be found here http://rateyourmusic.com/list/Xorq/2010_albums Favourite songs would be far too hard to list !
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