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Top NON-ZEP/PLANT albums


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Anyone else want to post a list?

I know 52 is probably a lot. But if I narrowed it down to 20 or 25 albums, it would have cut the number of artists down too much. So I went with 52-that's 1 for each week of the year. It's a combo of artists I wouldn't want to do without, & albums I like all the way through. I didn't include compilations w/"various" artists. They are in alphabetical order by artist. Where there are more than 1 album for the same artist, they are in no particular order. If you'd like to post a list (whatever number you want...10-25-50-100), I'd love to see it!

01. Greg Brown: In The Dark With You (incls. my fave GB song-I Slept All Night By My Lover)

02. Beatles: White Album

03. Beatles: Let It Be

04. Mary Chapin Carpenter: Party Doll & Other Favorites (covers & originals)

05. Kasey Chambers: Barricades & Brickwalls

06. Bruce Cockburn: Anything Anytime Anywhere-Singles

(or possibly: Slice O Life-Live Solo. I just bought it & haven’t listened to it yet.)

07. Bruce Cockburn: Christmas

08. Crowded House: Time on Earth (This just came out in 2007 and would probably still be on the list if I cut it down to 10 albums. It’s absolutely gorgeous.)

09. Crowded House: Recurring Dream: The Very Best Of Crowded House

10. Bobby Darin: Songs From Big Sur (All originals, many with lyrics that were controversial at the time. I would have liked to include more Darin, but I don't have other albums I think are great from beginning to end. There’s a live DVD called Mack Is Back that has some great stuff, from only 9 mos. before he died. He was visibly not well during that performance, yet amazingly he held nothing back, playing piano, guitar & harmonica, & dancing, in addition to singing. There's also a biographical DVD called Beyond the Song that is excellent. I think Darin is extremely underrated.)

11. Dead Can Dance: Toward The Within (live)

12. Dead Can Dance: Into The Labyrinth

13. Peter Gabriel: So

14. Peter Gabriel: Up

15. Peter Gabriel: Passion (soundtrack to The Last Temptation of Christ)

16. Nanci Griffith: Other Voices Other Rooms (covers-w/stellar lineup of guests)

17. John Hiatt: Slow Turning (incls. Sonny Landreth)

18. John Hiatt: The Tiki Bar Is Open (incls. Sonny Landreth)

19. John Hiatt: Walk On

20. John Hiatt: Perfectly Good Guitar (bonus points for musician credit: Ravi Oli on Electric Sitar:)

21. John Hiatt: Crossing Muddy Waters

22. John Hiatt: Beneath This Gruff Exterior (incls. Sonny Landreth)

23. Hothouse Flowers: People

24. Al Jarreau: Christmas

25. Al Jarreau: Tomorrow Today (My favorite Jarreau songs, Spain-the intro is to die for-& Take 5, are not represented on this list, because they’re the only songs on his Best Of cd that I like.)

26. Rickie Lee Jones: Flying Cowboys

27. Rickie Lee Jones: It’s Like This (covers)

28. Rickie Lee Jones: The Evening Of My Best Day

29. Rickie Lee Jones: The Magazine

30. Kansas: Leftoverture (bonus points for title-Release The Beavers:)

31. Kansas: Point Of Know Return

32. Sonny Landreth: From The Reach (guests incl. Knopfler, Clapton, Gill, Buffett, Dr. John, Eric Johnson, Robben Ford, & Nadirah Shakoor-sp?)

33. Sonny Landreth: Grant Street (live)

34. Sonny Landreth: The Road We’re On

35. John Lennon: Walls & Bridges

36. Dave Matthews Band: Busted Stuff

37. Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds: Live At Luther College

38. Keb’ Mo’: Peace...Back By Popular Demand (covers)

39. Harry Nilsson: Son of Schmilsson

40. Paolo Nutini: These Streets

41. Brendan Perry: Eye Of The Hunter (Recommended w/caution: all songs slow tempos w/gloomy lyrics, but I love the sound, esp. at bedtime. Brendan was in Dead Can Dance.)

42. Pink Floyd: The Dark Side Of The Moon

43. Grace Potter & The Nocturnals: Nothing But The Water

44. John Prine: Prime Prine-The Best of John Prine (funniest songwriter of all time, yet can break your heart also)

45. John Prine: The Missing Years

46. John Prine: Lost Dogs & Mixed Blessings

47. Corinne Bailey Rae-Self Titled

48. John Trudell: Bone Days (Spoken lyrics w/band. Lucky Motel gets my vote for best sensual song.)

49. VAST-Nude

50. Bill Withers: The Best of Bill Withers-Lean On Me (best “baby”s ever-except maybe Robert Plant-on Use Me:)

51. Stevie Wonder: Innervisions

52. Lizz Wright: Dreaming Wide Awake (Covers. She covered Zep’s Thank You beautifully on her most recent album-The Orchard-but I didn’t like that album overall.)

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