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My "new" Squier's


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When the Squier 51's first came out I though it was a pretty cool looking axe but I could never find one to check out personally because they sold really fast. I waited too long to order one online before long the model was discontinued. Turns out the S-51 was a hot guitar for the modding crowd and I ran across two modded 51's so I decided to jump. I'm pretty excited about these two and hopefully the seller's will ship fast.

Sunburst S-51 mods:

GFS hot Liverpool bridge pup

GFS bridge plate w/Wilkinson saddles

Squire Tele pup in neck w/black cover

Gotoh tuners

gold hardware throughout

GFS 3ply 51 pick guard

Blonde S-51 mods:

- Gretsch Filtertron (ALNICO, not ceramic) in the bridge

- Lace Sensor Gold in the neck pos.

- "Ian Rich 51" Control Plate ---> Volume and Tone Controls (250K pots + 2 capacitors) + 5-way Lever Switch which works like this: 1) bridge 2) bridge + neck 3) neck 4) bridge +neck + extra capacitor in parallel 5) bridge + extra capacitor. - Massive G&L knobs

- Graph Tech Tusq Nut

- Custom pickguard

- Select one piece neck, very nice, more finish than usual + a little thicker.

- Gotoh bridge base with string-through body mount

- Grover tuners

- Schaller Strap Security Locks Buttons

- Gretsch pickup ring

- Fender American Standard String Trees



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