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Hello Everyone...

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Just wanted to say hi. Led Zeppelin and their music has always brought me countless hours of pleasure. I couldn't begin to count them or do them justice by trying to specifically state in words but it's safe to say that they are a truly timeless, special, unique and magical band and I simply have never gotten tired of listening to them.

I'm one of the rare ones (perhaps even among some Zeppelin fans themselves) who truly enjoys every released song that they ever put out! Oh sure I have my favorites (but is difficult if not impossible to single out just one) but even the ones I like or listen to "least" I still get at least something out of. I suppose that in itself speaks volumes since even bands you truly love typically have at least a couple songs you simply do not like. I've never felt that way about Zeppelin. Every song in my eyes is at least worth hearing with a joyful smile. And most are so great and timeless that I can't imagine going long stretches of time without hearing them!

I view every album as little masterpieces in their own right. Each kinda exist on their own yet at the same time obviously share a continuous and evolving bond. I've always felt Led Zeppelin and their musical legacy was like one long wondrous, open and adventurous storybook and each progression of their songs and albums were simply the chronological chapters within it. The book itself is what was most important and lives on yet it's always fun and fascinating to isolate all the chapters (the songs and albums) and enjoy them. That's why I always felt the 4 CD Led Zeppelin box set was perhaps their greatest and obviously most comprehensive (though not entirely complete) body of work. You can tell and, most importantly, hear the pride, love and care Jimmy put into the sequencing and running order. It's not simply the best of Led Zeppelin blindly compiled without purpose. In fact I think the four discs play as much like an album as any "real" album does. Probably greater and more so since it's obviously covers everything in largely chronological order. Each disc is like a chapter of their entire story and the whole set (yes there's been actual times when I've listed to all four hours of it back to back throughout the day) flows beautifully. Of course with any retrospective, even one that contained so many songs as that one, a few personal ones may have been left off for a few you would've replaced but all in all I think the set truly and almost completely captured the best of the group from day one to day last. It is still the one "album" that is my very favorite of the entire group if I'm allowed to treat it as an album? Although, I understand that technically it may not qualify as such...

As far as the originally released albums go it's also next to impossible for me to pick a head and shoulders above the others favorite. For me, they are all four stars. In their own way and on a given day each one can be the best (for what it is). Based on the ones that I have the most attached listening or nostalgic memories to, I can usually give a rough order of preference but even it isn't permanently set or immovable.

However, if I had to pick just one, I'd have to side with In Through the Out Door. Wow. Where can I begin to express how awesome this album is! It is just a beautiful and seamlessly complete record and I love each and every song on it. Many such as Fool In the Rain, Hot Dog, All My Love and the melancholy but breathtakingly sweet elegant lush blues, I'm Gonna Crawl are among my very favorite all time Led Zeppelin songs!

And then that cover! Where to begin. I've always had a fascination and love for it. It's story, the gorgeous bar scene and setting image that so perfectly seems to compliment the music itself inside, the water color inner sleeves (who knew you could color them?), the alternate covers, the brown paper bag. Just the cover alone makes this album not only unique among Zeppelin albums but really against any album in "collector" terms. I know of no other album, aesthetically, quite like it as far the fun and collectible nature of it. I have every alternate cover on vinyl in near mint condition and nice quality original outer paper bags for at least half of them. I have the original CD, the 1994 remastered one and, most recently, the gorgeous Japan mini-LP reproduction of it with all the alternate covers and the little brown outer bag, just like the original.

I don't want to sound too silly here because all Led Zeppelin albums are great (as well as many of the covers) and not even In Through the Out Door can express the full complete story and love I have for Led Zeppelin and its timeless music. It is just perhaps their final and, to me, most alluring and pleasureable chapter (maybe because of that fact). Perhaps part of it the fact that it is both a fun, diverse and seamless album while at the same time holds bittersweet tones and sentiments of longing as if the band somehow premeditatively sensed that it was also a "farewell" piece of work they were making. That's what I love so much about it. It's great, fun, lush, atmospheric, diverse yet nostalgically melancholy and even plays subconsciously as if the band somehow knew it was to be their last. Maybe it's just me who senses that in hindsight but it does have that feel to it whenever I listen to it.

Wow, I better stop for now. This introduction somehow turned into a short novel! wink.gif

Such is what can happen when you happily share and reflect on the beauty of Led Zeppelin I guess... smile.gif

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Welcome and great first post! I also love all of their ballads and listen to them in the order they are put on the albums/cd's.

I can't really pick a favorite album/cd and I own them all as well. ( And have bought the cd's twice so I can have them in my car.)


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I have been a fan of 'THE MASTERS' since 1970,but only just found out about the website,my first gig was at the belfry, Sutton Coldfield. Tickets cost 14 shillings, but you had to see the Mixtures for 14 shillings to get a ticket to see LED ZEP. Some time into the gig, Robert Plant asked for the doors to be opened up so hundreds of fans without a ticket could hear (must have been a joke , you could hear them in Manchester). They played for 3 hours, John Bonham must have downed 20 pints of Newcasle brown ale, & broke at least 4 sets of sticks. They were magical, definetely the best band i have ever seen LIVE, & iv'e seen a few. 4 Individually talented musicians, but together they were, still are & will never ever be surpassed.

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