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The Guardian's Top 20 Albums of 2007


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As voted by the Guardian's music writers. Tell us what you think on the blog

The Guardian


James Murphy sleeps off a hard night celebrating his illustrious Guardian critics' endorsement

1 LCD Soundsystem: Sound of Silver

What we said: "Sound of Silver houses two songs that pack a devastating emotional punch ... This is dance-rock for grown-ups: extraordinary."

5 stars

2 Radiohead: In Rainbows

What we said: "It may represent the strongest collection of songs Radiohead have assembled for a decade."

5 stars

3 The Hold Steady: Boys and Girls in America

What we said: "The Hold Steady's bar-room rock is a perfect, if counter-intuitive accompaniment to Craig Finn's downbeat tales."

5 stars

4 MIA: Kala

What we said: "An album that could only have been made in 2007."

4 stars

5 Klaxons: Myths of the Near Future

What we said: "Indie chancers trying to pass this ropey stuff off as a dance revival is insulting and pointless."

1 star

6 Kings of Leon: Because of the Times

What we said: "Like a hunk of blue cheese, Tennessee's Kings of Leon seem to be getting better with age."

4 stars

7 Grinderman: Grinderman

What we said: "Not many rock records make you laugh out loud, fewer still make you laugh out loud intentionally."

4 stars

8 Battles: Mirrored

What we said: "These hi-tech New York instrumentalists finally propel themselves into quite another league."

5 stars

9 PJ Harvey: White Chalk

What we said: "The austerity of Harvey's self-imposed constraints is uncompromising but rewarding."

4 stars

10 Feist: The Reminder

What we said: "While nothing here is wholly original, it is a pleasure for as long as it plays."

3 stars

11 Arctic Monkeys: Favourite Worst Nightmare

What we said: "There's nothing to scare off the more lumpen sections of their audience, but more than enough to make the discerning listener wonder what they might do next."

4 stars

12 Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

What we said: "The music is sparse, blues-inflected country, suggestive of dusty rooms illuminated by shafts of golden evening light, in which these two exquisite voices can roam and relax."

4 stars

13 The Felice Brothers: Tonight at the Arizona

What we said: Not reviewed

14 Arcade Fire: Neon Bible

What we said: "An album this mired in fathomless darkness shouldn't sound so dazzling, but it does. A thrilling enigma."

4 stars

15 Les Savy Fav: Let's Stay Friends

What we said: Not reviewed

16 The Good, the Bad & the Queen: The Good, the Bad & the Queen

What we said: "You're left both marvelling at the album itself, and considering what a unique figure Albarn cuts."

4 stars

17 Britney Spears: Blackout

What we said: "A torrent of ferociously distorted synthesizers, electronically treated vocals, snapping drum samples and bovver-booted glam rock beats."

4 stars

18 Bruce Springsteen: Magic

What we said: "Continues to suffer from a difficulty in locating a decent tune, but there is plenty to enjoy."

3 stars

19 Josh Ritter: The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter

What we said: "The constant Dylan and Springsteen comparisons can't be easy. But Ritter just gets more assured."

4 stars

20 El-P: I'll Sleep When You're Dead

What we said: "A series of abrasive and rattlingly nonconformist tracks with densely packed parcels of syllabic invective."

3 stars

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