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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aczKB1yUzAs
  2. What the hell are you talking about in terms of "And in corporate terms it meant the companies again had excellent opportunities to seize control from the artists, and they did.". 99% of punk from the 80s onward was released on independent record labels often founded by the band themselves. Punk, and particularly hardcore punk IS about rebellion. I don't know what you're talking about. Go listen to Black Flag and Minor Threat and tell me you think they were "corporate" or whatever nonsense.
  3. This is the kind of thing I have a problem with. You can't just rattle off the word "god" or "God" and assume everyone else has the same idea of what those two words mean. In fact no one has the same idea of what those words mean, so they're actually meaningless words that we use to describe a vague concept which we can't define let alone prove or disprove.
  4. Creationism/Intelligent Design should be taught in a Religious class. It should be taught like a History or English class. As in, the teacher opens the door, but the students have to choose to step through it. I think theologians and scientists have a lot in common. Both are scholars and love information and learning. Scientists can be spiritual. I'm going to go ahead and recommend this book of essays written by a scientist. Some of his predictions are a bit outdated (It was written like 20 years ago) http://www.amazon.ca/Night-Thoughts-Listening-Mahlers-Symphony/dp/0140243283 I think
  5. The cymbals sound really mushy...though this might just be the fact that they were encoded in 128 kbps. I'm listening with a pair of Denon AH-D2000s though, maybe it sounds better on a low-fi setup? Can you give us something with a little higher bitrate to properly listen and review it?
  6. I don't really care who downloads it. I was just correcting some misconceptions about internet security.
  7. Just correcting you here...first of all, the only way someone could use the toolbar to 'infect' your computer is if they reverse engineered it and found a javascript exploit, and then got you to go to a completely unrelated site. Also, it's a firefox add-on, so er, well that can't affect your system registry (assuming you use windows). You can install firefox add-ons on any operating system that can run Firefox, and Linux and OS X don't use a system registry or anything like it. Sooo yeah, it's not going to do that. What it MIGHT do is put what are called "tracking cookies" in your temporar
  8. Hey film thread. Just stopping by to give you the greatest film of all time. Thanks, bye. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-R_P8qEwwQ
  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Counterfeiting_Trade_Agreement http://wikileaks.org/leak/acta-proposal-2007.pdf ^^^ Important links, read the wikipedia article's SOURCES. This isn't a conspiracy theory. I wouldn't be telling you about it if it was, as I can't stand conspiracy theorists. This ALSO isn't some conservative plot to discredit Obama's administration. This affects the entire world, not just the U.S. This has been in the works for years, and yet hardly anyone knows about it. The only mainstream news source I've seen even talk about this topic was the CBC, and they played it off
  10. This is a great rock album WITH SHIT PRODUCTION AND NO DYNAMIC RANGE http://www.petitiononline.com/nisst56/petition.html Sign that if you want a good sounding version of this great album released.
  11. I was so disgusted that this great rock album was released with shite sound and NO dynamics whatsoever, so I started a petition.... http://www.petitiononline.com/nisst56/petition.html
  12. Holy crap Ricky, didn't know you still posted on here. Anyway, you know what I think of Muse.
  13. http://www.alternet.org/blogs/healthwellness/143164/30_gop_senators_vote_to_defend_gang_rape/ DESPICABLE!
  14. I sincerely apologize for posting that video, I hadn't watched the entire thing... Here's a VERY interesting article on 9/11 btw http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcfour/documentaries/features/chile.shtml Nevar forget the people of Chile who suffered under the brutal dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.
  15. You know what recently brought me out of a depressed state, and scored me a job? Reading this book... It made me realize that I want to work in the cooking profession. Now I'm not suggesting anyone should be a cook, but I found the whole book very inspiring and emboldening. Basically, it helped give me more confidence in what I know I want to do. You have to be able to say "Fuck everything else, this is what I want to do" (whatever career or path it is you want), and just go for it no matter what. You'll be surprised to find out it's usually very much achievable and is always worth it.
  16. Enjoy being un-employed for a while; when you do finally start work, then you won't have time for anything BUT work.
  17. Fantastic. Noel is a cunt, and Oasis are truly awful.
  18. I think if you can secure a job in Canada, and prove that you can support yourself financially, you're in. But please don't try and get a job in the cooking industry here, as that is what I'm hoping to get a degree in at college. (College here is similar to Community College in the U.S., except a little more prestigious and useful)
  19. LMFAO at the Blackwater part.
  20. Testing out the new youtube embedding system... This woman has her political parties wrong, he's supporting a STALINIST policy, jeez.
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