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For serious LZ vinyl collector (no btlgs)


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As you all probably know, I'm working on the biggest (or most comprehensive) Led Zeppelin discography (www.vjez.com/zeppelin).

It's finally the time to approach the UK album discography: too many slightly different edition to have so I'm here to ask for you help.

I'm looking for serious and reliable collectors with records in their hands to scan or to photograph and to hopefully send me the pictures to fill any gap in my discography.

What I need?

I need pictures of labels referring to different matrix numbers (written on the run off) from what already listed on my discography.

I also need pictures of sleeves with some kind of transitional matrix numbers / stickers / misprinted / mispressed / whatever different from what already listed or known.

Please, don't send me "the unbelievably rare, never seen before, only a few made" :rolleyes: misprinted "top" or "wreck": I'm looking for truely RARE and obscure items.

Any help will be really appreciated: I'm ready to learn!

thanks in advance



p.s. 200 dpi and .jpg format preferred

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