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  1. this is a US test pressing from 1976, of course interesting for collectors only about 50$ I guess (but someone will demand more, of course) for more led zeppelin records to see: www.vjez.com/zeppelin for a visual "history" of presswell promo this is from genesis collector http://www.genesismuseum.com/vinyl/testpress.htm
  2. Discog? for newbie and with a lot of mistakes Anyway: monoaural edition? yes For more records to see: www.vjez.com/zeppelin
  3. uhm I've heard of but I'm not sure if from Kenya or around there It'ld be really helpful if you'll send me privately a couple of pictures of the sleeve and the label: if not in my database I'll add it to my worldwide discography! a nice addition ... of course it's not a holy grail but a very nice item indeed (if original) thanks for sharing
  4. If you're a diehard collector of faken records (100% not original) it's an average price ... even if I consider the correct price not more than 15$ www.vjez.com/zeppelin
  5. IMO I think it's the average price for that album: I mean in these days / years and not 20 years ago ... It's not that rare because it's usually offered by south american stockist of large amount of records and there are not so many worldwide collectors interested on promos and rare officiale items As you can see on my worldwide discography it's exactly what you said: an argentinian promo (Argentina Albums) I'll be interested on a better and bigger picture of the label to upload on my site. Thanks (anyway, nice catch) p.s. the average price is for BOTH records (complete album), if you'v
  6. It's nice that instead writing me and asking what's that, you prefer to ask it on this forum ... cool Anyway, you kept that picture from my site and my biggest led zeppelin discography at www.vjez.com/zeppelin The answer it's pretty easy: this is the sleeve of a turksih single with a picture of Robert but the record is from a different band. This was quite common in many countries (i.e. malaysia, turkey etc.) where the picture has to be "nice" or interesting apart from the band on the record. I hope this answer your question. Next time I'll be pleased to answer you directly from my sit
  7. we need more infos on what's written on the vinyl (run off) and, if available, a picture of the disk itself in the meantime, I gues it's almost impossible that zeppelin disregarded a song and we've never heard of and now give a look at all the known led zeppelin records ... www.vjez.com/zeppelin cheers l.
  8. that's the maximum price all counterfeit records the only pictured / colored disk was LZIV purple UK pressing See my international LZ discography (fake records link)
  9. The sticker "made in england" is completely new to me, never heard before ... but the record was made in Russia. There are a couple of slightly different versions You can have a look in my worldwide discography http://www.vjez.com/zep/default.asp?pagina=rus
  10. for sure you didn't search a single word about these records or, simply, the catalog number (i.e. FL 1824) and for this you found 0 answers ... First album is usually considered a Taiwan pressing but it's probably to be considered a Thailand pressing http://www.vjez.com/....asp?pagina=twn Second one looks like an italian record (not 100% official) with different sleeve (but same image) and white label: so it's a bootleg (probably a pressing of BBC sessions) I'm not an expert on bootlegs. For this you've to check bootleg databases (there are serveral on the web). If you look for infos, y
  11. Of course you posted this before really surfing the web ... otherwise you'ld have found lots of infos about this because it's such a common item and usually sold for the same price of the standard edition! Anyway, you didn't write the country of pressing or the catalog number so I assume it's the US pressing ... go and have a look http://www.vjez.com/...asp?pagina=usCD p.s. next time surf the web properly and you'll find more answers than you need ...
  12. 4. "Helter Skelter" (the Beatles) might be really interesting ...
  13. As you all probably know, I'm working on the biggest (or most comprehensive) Led Zeppelin discography (www.vjez.com/zeppelin). It's finally the time to approach the UK album discography: too many slightly different edition to have so I'm here to ask for you help. I'm looking for serious and reliable collectors with records in their hands to scan or to photograph and to hopefully send me the pictures to fill any gap in my discography. What I need? I need pictures of labels referring to different matrix numbers (written on the run off) from what already listed on my discography. I also nee
  14. I think you won't reach the "buy it now" price because the box is really damaged and that's the ONLY important thing! This is not so rare but extremely rare in near mint conditions: so, you might be lucky but yours is in good conditions only and for that not really interesting. Unfortunately, also, it's not the super rare promo edition ... as described in my led zeppelin discography Anyway, it's a really nice item and unique from New Zealand
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