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  1. this is non-information! - Trampled never existed with a mispressed catalog number: it's a rumor and I don't know a person in the world with that single in his hands. The different catalog number is for a Pretty Things single with P.T. songs! (an original mistake written on Samuel Ketenjian book!) - wearing exists only as a counterfeit item made about three / four years ago: beware of this! - more records and updated plus confirmed infos still on my discography on line www.vjez.com/zeppelin p.s. on my UK single discography there are at least two records never seen before ... with picture, of course!
  2. I thought the answer was clear (did you look at the discographies?) Anyway: the only official single was Whole Lotta Love cds in 1997 Many UK promos and never officially released singles (standard sleeves) Millions of copies from US (standard sleeves) Many from all other countries mostly with amazing picture sleeves that's all
  3. This last springtime, long hairs. Please note that the poster is original and it's yellow (not the usual red)!!
  4. ??? !!! If you want to see these records and more, they are all on my discography on line. It's for reference only so don't worry you won't pay a cent ... Led Zeppelin singles worldwide
  5. me as well !! zeppaholics is really metallica style, not zepheads style p.s. here in Italy I heard Ledzeppeliniani but never Zeppeliani (that's weird!)
  6. http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?showtopic=8719
  7. On the italian edition of "X Factor" (american idol tv show or similar), on the semifinal one the singer did STH (and I didn't like it a lot even if he has a great voice).
  8. If you're considering the US single, it's a 1$ record. The only Immigrant / Hey singles that I remember interesting / rare are: - the italian different ps 45-2777 - the turkish edition WITH picture sleeve 71505 - the japanese promo with ps P1007 - the swedish promo with ps 70460 More or less all the others from worldwide are common items (or not expensive).
  9. If you want to have an "idea" of Led Zeppelin singles worldwide, you can take a look at my led zeppelin discography on line: it's free, it's for reference and there are 100s more singles than on the book (that it was the best reference, long time ago). Have fun and please let me know what you think ...
  10. I really loved (and love) them. As Plant did! ... and later I loved Girlschool too, of course ...
  11. well finally it's not raining !! we're about 6° and it'll be sunnier tomorrow lots of snow not far from here on the mountains, lovely view: the lake, the mountains, the snow ... awesome
  12. well, it seems that here in Italy there are a few interesting places: a camping (camp site) Camping Led Zeppelin a restaurant Ristorante Zeppelin a travel agency http://www.zeppelin.it a web company Zeppelin Group and I remember well a cars / trains models store in Milan (Zeppelin - Viale Premuda) Please note that finding Led Zeppelin is not exactly the same as finding Zeppelin, because of the blimp story ... So I'll consider valid on this thread the camping only ... and that's name it's absolutely naive for a camping!
  13. I liked their rendition of Thank You
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