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Led Zep Swag ?


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Hello To all my fellow Zep Heads. I would like to ask for all your help in viewing my Led zeppelin collection,

I have amassed an enormous Collection of what everybody calls swag, I call them treasures,

I have begun to make a compiltation video of my collection That i will be posting on you tube,

However I would much rather share it with all of you, before i show the rest of the world.

So today i have submitted a post in photos in the forum,(cool pictures of jimmy).

every day i will be submiiting new photos of my collection,

I do belive i have some very unique items that i am very sure you will all love.

So please feel free to give your opinion, and your insight on any of the items that i submit,

And can someone tell me if the pictures i submitted today are large enough to view ?

Really everybody, Begin to view this collection today and I promise you will not be dissapointed.

You are all my kind of people, You hear What i hear.........

Thank you

and peace ZEPMIESTER

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