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TSRTS CD Remaster

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After getting my copy of the CD for TSTRTS a couple weeks ago, I couldn't wait to tear off the plastic and play it in my high-end system at home. Unfortunetely, There were a few things that did not impress me. For instance, gone are few segments and original soundtrack performances that were featured in the original vinyl release.

Robert, doesn't introduce the track "TSRTS." Although, originally you couldn't really make-out the verbage. Also, I noticed different performances on "Celebration Day" and "Dazed".. Somehow I prefer the way the they were originally featured. Also, gone are the funk-inspired grooves before the spacey sound section of Whole Lotta Love. Looks like they just chopped that entire section out. Sad. Being that this sound is what made the 1973 performances special.

I had burned SIBLY onto a CDR and played it in my car for many years. I actually kept that intro from Robert Plant. "It's like that cosmic energy, everybody goes yeeeeeah, bash!"

Yes, fidelity-wise - the sound is amazing. A very big improvement. I would of been more happy if they would of just kept the CD soundtrack as the original vinyl release with just remastering the sound. Instead of adding and tinkering with the original performances. For those of us, that grew-up hearing this over the years - its a different experience. Different than those just being turned on to this group and music.

PS... What about including that stellar performance of "Thank You" as a bonus? gee! B)

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