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Forgive me if this topic exists elsewhere, but when you type B-O-N-H-A-M into the search engine... well, I'm sure you can figure it out... Anyway, sitting here listening to Jason Bonham's band Bonham, and their second album, Mad Hatter. I actually listen to this quite frequently and am still blown away by it.

The opening Bing is just raw power and sexuality. The most Zeppelin-esque of the cuts on this disc and a killer track. Change Of A Season is another song that may appear to be an attempt to replicate Zeppelin, but this song certainly stands on its own. A very nice atmosphere created with this track and Daniel's vocals are really good.

It seems on this album, to me anyway, that Bonham is best when tackling slower, more melodic song structures. Good With The Bad seems to point this out and the overall feeling is very haunting on this track.

Los Locos is a great instrumental with some nice guitar lines. Again, as much as I hate to overuse the word, it's the atmosphere they create here that is so wonderful.

Chimera is another good song, more up tempo but still a good tune.

Secrets is another track I really enjoy and Jason's playing on this, like much of the album, is quite intense.

While I don't listen to every song on this disc, the ones mentioned above are songs that still create that feeling of something special when I listen to it now, some 18 years after its release.

Anybody else still into Mad Hatter? Or... anybody else just discovering this disc?


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