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The Zoso Face


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Forgive me if this has been said before, but the Jimmy Page (or Zoso) symbol looks like a face.

Here's what I see:

The Eyes - Each of the two Os have a dot on the inside that make them look like eyes.

The Lips - The horizontal line on the bottom that curves up on the right side looks like lips that are smiling.

The Philtrum - The little vertical dash above the horizontal line looks like a philtrum.

A philtrum is the vertical groove above the upper lip on a human face.

The Nose - The bottom of the S (between the Os) looks like a nose.

The Hair - The symbol on the left looks like Jimmy's long curly hair.

There is also a music symbol as well. Beside looking like a nose,

the S with the horiztal line (connecting the dots) looks like a sound hole found on violins, cellos and archtop guitars.

This could indicate that this is the face of a musician, like Jimmy.

Wouldn't it be funny if all these years we've been trying to find a deaper meaning in the Jimmy Page symbol

and it just turned out to be a smiling face.

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