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  1. Just wondering...great doll photos, Freeyyaa.
  2. Upstate Maine or New Hampshire?
  3. I just noticed this photo, Dd. You and your mom look great! (You look like you're in your 30's!)
  4. ^^^ Hi Dd, Nice pics. I have a question: Did the pelicans just naturally return to the Gulf coast? Or was there a conservation effort made to bring them back?
  5. My brother and I are planning to meet-up in Charleston, SC at the end of the month. We're planning to spend several days in Charleston and Savannah and then play golf for 10 days in Myrtle Beach -- can't wait.
  6. I almost never watch TV, but I just finished watching an old mini-series from the 80's called "North and South" based on a novel by John Jakes. I liked it a lot -- fantastic cast -- and now I'm looking forward to seeing Part 2 and Part 3.
  7. Pagefan55


    I hope you get to see the Aussie Open, too, ebk. I've been to Wimbledon once. When I was a boy in 1982 I had a front row seat on Court No.1 when McEnroe defeated McNamara in the Wimbledon semi-finals. It was an amazing experience -- McEnroe's skill level was unbelievable. A few anecdotes: McEnroe was generally well-behaved during the match, but he would occasionally say rude/derogatory things to the audience. For example, on one occasion when the crowd laughed at something irrelevant and stupid, McEnroe loudly sneered "British sense of humor!" and laughed. (A woman in the crowd promptly yelled back at him "At least we have a sense of humor!") At another point during the match, McEnroe gave my older brother (who was sitting next to me) a very angry and dirty look when my brother took a picture of him as he was preparing to serve. (My brother quickly lowered his camera) Great, great times. Anyway, I also saw two matches at Roland Garros in 1997 -- that was also a great experience.
  8. ^^ Thanks, Dd. You've expressed my thoughts exactly. I've never been to a car race before, either, and I see it as a once in a lifetime event.
  9. I'll be driving out to Indiana tomorrow to attend the Indianapolis 500. I'm not a big racing fan, but some of the people I'm going with love it. During the race I expect to be bored, half-drunk, and enjoying the smell of burned rubber and hot exhaust.
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