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NOTE: I haven't bothered with the pay per view articles, as we only get a headline and a paragraph, & I ain't paying them to view and that's that!!!



Cash stolen 31/7/73

Montreal Gazette p 25


Lakeland leisure p 4


NYT (already posted but i put it in as it is relevant



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LA Times

Zeppelin Alchemy: Transmuting Led Into Gold Rock 'n' Roll Zeppelin Alchemy Transmutes Led Into Gold Zeppelin Transmutes Led Into Gold

The majority of the San Diego crowd, not unlike those in the 29 other tour stops, had spent at least seven hours waiting outside the Sports Arena in anticipation of the evening's performance by British rockers Led Zeppelin. Sold out by mail-order weeks in advance, the event had led many to pitch their sleeping bags outside the doors the night before.

null.gif Led Zeppelin Concert Attracts Sellout Crowd

If Led Zeppelin were an unknown, up-and-coming rock group, one could overlook its musical repetitiousness and lack of originality, praise the lead guitarist and wish them well.

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