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  1. NOTE: I haven't bothered with the pay per view articles, as we only get a headline and a paragraph, & I ain't paying them to view and that's that!!! Cash stolen 31/7/73 Montreal Gazette p 25 http://news.google.c...=6037%2C7309568 Lakeland leisure p 4 http://news.google.c...=5770%2C8304290 NYT (already posted but i put it in as it is relevant http://select.nytime...78CD85F478785F9 http://select.nytime...78CD85F478785F9
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    T shirts worn by the group

    Apologies if this has a thread already after watching this vid, I thought it would be cool to start a thread of the t shirts worn by the group
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    There's nothing worse than

    Ok so I got bored There's nothing worse than a papercut There's Nothing Worse Than .... 1. ...being served fish and chips by a lady with 9 false nails. *Crunch* 2. ...those word "verification" images that you have absolutely no chance of interpreting. 3. ...being just beaten to the bar by people that then proceed to faff. 4. ...telling the checkout lady that no, you don't need help packing, and then spending minutes fiddling with the plastic bag and being completely unable to open it. 5. ...the sound of nail clippers. Is it just me, or is this one of the most terrible sounds?! 6. ...being told I looked "lost" in Blockbuster. I wasn't lost, I was just browsing. Dagnammit. 7. ...picking an apparently innocuous scab and nearly bleeding to death. 8. ...finding that your banana and kiwi have been obliterated at the bottom of your bag. 9. ...when people put library books upside down on the shelf. 10. ...walking up and down the end-of-aisle lane in Sainsbury's trying to find the quickest-looking queue, and ignoring the "basket-only" queues because they are huge, and then watching the "basket-only" queue disappear within seconds as you are trapped behind fumblers and dawdlers 12. ...people who hold up the commuters by standing IN the ticket barrier trying to find their ticket. 13. ...discovering that you have been walking down the street flying low, and wondering how many people noticed. 14. ... the 'toothpaste cough', the awful tickly cough you sometimes get after brushing your teeth at night. 15. ...walking back and forth in front of an automatic door like a loony trying to get out the shop before being told by a staff worker that it is broken. 16. ...forgetting on numerous shopping trips whether you have any toothpaste and ending up with 9 tubes in the bathroom cupboard. 17. ...sneezing on a full bladder whilst pregnant and wearing light trousers. 18. ...being pooped on by a pigeon, and knowing that the people behind on the platform observed it all. What could I do but stand there quietly, pretending nothing had happened, grimacing as I felt it trickling down the back of my head. 19. ...hoovers. I hate the things in every way. The way they get caught on everything, the way the lead always runs out of length. The way they remind you how dusty everything gets in just a week. The way they always need emptying. 20. ...losing my glasses and being unable to see clearly enough to find them, scrambling around the flat like a mole. 21. ...battling in vain with a supermarket's self-service system as it fails to recognise every other item you throw at it, while a crowd of impatient customers wait behind you, grumbling and snorting with impatience and frustration. 22. ...a bad Thursday. 23. ...cheap toilet paper in an expensive hotel (you'd expect quilted...). 24. ...taking a bath mat to the gym (grabbed in a hurry because it looks like a towel) instead of a towel 25. ...having to struggle through a minute and half of awkward polite conversation in a lift with someone just because you both know you're from the same office. 26. ...heading down the local bakery to buy fresh croissants for breakfast, and then finding it closed because it is Good Friday. 27. ...forking out 83 pence on a can of Coke and then finding you don't have quite enough change for the ticket machine. And why 83 pence?! 28. ...going against your wife's advice that the 'large chips' was too large, and then failing miserably to finish the large chips. 29. ...walking past an empty fish and chip shop on the way to a cash machine, heading back with some cash to find that it has filled up with tourists. 30. ...waiting (starving) in the supermarket queue for 10 minutes just buy a Mars, while surrounded by posters boasting at being the first self-service supermarket in Britain (neglecting to explain why it is not self-service enabled now, or why there are so few till staff). 31. ...washing up sieves, the way tiny pieces of food grip stubbornly to the tiny holes. Who would have thought that such a useful tool as the sieve would be such a stressful thing to clean? I simply refuse to wash them up anymore. 32. ...being repeatedly rung up by a kitchen company because you got a quote 6 months ago, even though you have repeatedly told them that you now have a kitchen (which you are very pleased with), and even though you have repeatedly demanded that they ring you no more. 33. ...babysitting a hyperactive child with a tin whistle. 34. ...being chased barefooted across a field of upturned plugs by a mad dog. 35. ...trying to read a broadsheet in an overcrowded train. 36. ...burning my last chicken and mushroom pie to a cinder whilst browsing this website... 37. ...having to replace your torch batteries on a dark night. 38. ...asking someone to repeat the question for the third time. 39. ...eating ash for dinner after cooking a microwave meal for half as long as it said on the pack. 40. ...a screaming child in the quiet coach on the train home on a Friday. 41. ...being unable to check you're "clean" after a nose blow in a public place. 42. ...finding on Monday that you didn't empty your lunch box of yoghurt, over ripe fruit, and cheese on Friday. 43. ...minding your own business on your bike and crashing and burning in front 200 school girls. 44. ...feeling "that" pang in your bowels. 45. ...having an over-active, needy, and huggy child be in your way when you're desperate to empty your bladder. 46. ... trying to find oyster sauce in a supermarket. 47. ...trying to explain what "refined kidney beans" are to a confused local shop owner who first and second languages aren't English. 48. ...ever-so-slightly-off coleslaw. 49. ...splash back. 50. ...brushing your shoulders...straightening your tie...doing up your jacket...and then tripping over a loose paving slab. 51. ... lots of wee on the seat of a public loo. 52. ...getting a nose bleed while rushing to leave the house and wearing a white jumper. 53. ...losing my glasses and being unable to see clearly enough to find them. 54. ...trying to find a pen in a hurry. 55. ...being desperate for the loo in town, and knowing that most public loos will be closed due to vandals or tomfoolery, and any that aren't closed should be for hygiene and safety reasons - as we all know there is nothing worse than British public loos anyway, except Ukrainian public loos, but that is another story... 56. ...walking up a steep stony beach. 57. ...walking into locked 'push' doors in full view of other people. 58. ...grit under a contact lens. 59. ...being bitten by a gerbil. 60. ...supermarket gift card selections. 61. ...Gym membership. 62. ...eating spaghetti bolognese at other people's houses. 63. ...music shops that don't order their CDs by genre. 64. ... the piercing and reverberating sound of small children squealing in a subway. 65. ...getting soap on my toothbrush and not realising till its too late. 66. ... idiots on public transport that have nothing better to do than cycle through their polyphonic (bling - init) ring tones. 67. ...trying to get melted cheese off a towel. 68. ...a) catastrophically stubbing your bare vulnerable toe on a brutish hard metal object while getting ready. knowing that you'll sound lame if you say that's the reason why you're late. 69. ... people who think the narrow staircases and walkways of the tube were made for them and their slow, meandering, walking pace. 70. ...people who can't comprehend that the sound of an arriving tube might provoke some in the crowd behind them to want to hurry. 71. ...being snotted on in public due to someone else's over zealous sneeze! and them not realising the trauma they've created! (actually happened) 72. ...finding a pube on your desert at a friend's house. 73. ...riding a bus to college in the early hours of the morning whist having to put up with loud, hyperactive children who are eating cheese and chives crisps. 74. ... getting stuck in the bathroom in someone else's house. 75. ...taking a bite of a fantastic steak and tomato sandwich, and then spilling tomato all down your front. 76. ...trying to cut a well-cooked steak with a butter knife. 77. ...dropping a bag containing 6 cartons of stinking UHT milk, which then splits, turning the kitchen floor into a foul lake of off milk. 78. ...constantly almost sneezing, but never quite making it, a sort of sneezing constipation. 79. ... going sky-diving and, when you pull the parachute cord, watching nothing but your brother's maths textbooks spill out of the opening in your back-pack. 80. ...buying a new toothbrush and finding its handle is slightly wider than standard, and so doesn't fit in the bathroom's toothbrush holder...why oh why? 81. ...waking up and thinking "I feel unusually refreshed for a Thursday morning...wait a second, it's far sunnier than usual, is this a Saturday? Wait, it is definitely not a Saturday, oh pants, I recognise that sinking feeling in my gut, I've overslept..." 82. ...having a video project urgently due to be handed in and having the misfortune of asking technical assistance from a complete nincompoop who, after admitting that he has no idea how to use the editing program that you need help with, insists on spending half an hour trying to figure it out ON YOUR COMPUTER, masterfully humming and hawing his way through everything you've already tried while you sit there writhing and nodding your way through valuable minutes as you try and deduce a strategy to politely recapture your ravaged machine. 83. ... subtitles that are just slightly too small to read without squinting. 84. ...headaches caused by squinting to read small subtitles. 85. ...attempting to drop some chewed gum into your bin, watching it miss and role out into the walkway in front of a passing colleague. 86. ... taking your squash stuff down from the train luggage rack in the crowded rush hour and watching your spare boxers fall out into the aisle. 87. ...taking a bite of an egg-mayonnaise sandwich and crunching a piece of egg shell. 88. ...pedestrians that walk in front of you just as the light turns green. 89. ...spitting while jogging and getting the spit back in your face. 90. ...after-leak in summer trousers. 91. ...getting the first part of a span text, then getting a message with 'Text missing'... 92. ...jeans that chafe. 93. ...itchy clothes labels. 94. ...slow dramas with Robert Redford in. 95. ...loos that not only have the light switch outside, but on a timer that is set for an unreasonably short time. 96. ...trying to get women somewhere on time. 97. ...coffee mugs with handles so small you can't even use them properly. 98. ...taking your jumper off in a public place and displaying your tummy. 99. ...nails on the blackboard. 100. ...trying to have a private and personal conversation with someone in a slightly-too-quiet-for-comfort cafe. 101. ...being Humpty Dumpty. 102. ...accidentally using someone else's toothbrush. 103. ...forms that don't leave even close to enough space in the gaps. 104. ...Martin Creed's exhibit which is a recording of Martin blowing raspberries into a microphone for 9 minutes at a volume loud enough to be heard around the entire floor of the Tate gallery and then repeated on circular. 105. ... being unable to read the paper because of a loud argument about popodoms in the background. 106. ...someone who has poor spacial awareness wearing a giant rucksack trying to navigate round a small and crowded coffee shop. 107. ...getting my work pass tangled up in my keys every day 108. ...being asked if you want anything else with your coffee when you only ordered a coffee because you only wanted a coffee! 109. ...jumping out of your skin because an old man has crept up behind you and sung loudly in your ear. 110. ...going to the bank to cash a cheque and getting served by a trainee on his first day on the job. 111. ...running out of loo paper, and then finding that you have managed to buy kitchen roll at the local shop instead of loo paper! 112. ...people that don't understand the concept of the queue, and who form a split in the queue causing all manner of confusion, and then seem to convince themselves that their queue is the right one. 113. ...trying to find a tea spoon in a strange kitchen. 114. ... a loo holder so far behind the loo that you have to swivel every time you need more. 115. ...being unable to stop giggling in church after you bit into an orange piece and squirted the people in front of you. 116. ...being unable to get the whole yoghurt lid off. 117. ...being unable to wash your hands in the cinema toilets because the three basins are taken up by three chaps washing their feet (you don't believe me?!) 118. ...people who chat to cashiers when there is a huge queue behind them. 119. ...being made to feel stupid by a colleague for a tiny decision made under pressure in a week when the only staff with the required knowledge were on holiday and when any sane person would have made the same decision under the circumstances. 120. ...leaving the house and then needing to go. Please add your own
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    Eel Pie Island

    I used to live in Twickenham all my youth til I was 17, Eel pie island is on the Thames in Twickenham, and consists of a few old shacks for houses and a rowing club, but in the 50/60's it was a hot spot for upcoming bands. Initially it was the Jazz bands that frequented the Hotel which was the venue. I know a fair bit about the Island and the history of the hotel as my dad played there many times and took most of the photo's featured in the book, inc the Stones which I have around here somewhere. Check this site out for some info on the book, I have read the book and recommend it as a great read. If anyone has anymore info on Jimmy's appearences at the Eel Pie Hotel, I'd be grateful for the info. See below for link to the Eel Pie Island site http://www.eelpie.org/ Momento's (Each member was given a passport and a Jivers licence to allow entry to the hotel, and my mum was number 1....hmmm I wonder if she still has it) http://www.eelpie.org/music01.htm The Hotel in a film
  5. Conneyfogle

    Eel Pie Island

    Wed. May 6th – Jimmy Page sat in on a jam session with Jeff Beck, Bill Wyman and Ian Stewart, together with Stu’s friends “Wint” on drums, and “Knocker” on harmonica
  6. while I was looking for some Eel Pie phot's I stumbled across some nwspaper clippings, I'm guessing there is already a thread for the like, but here is a new one anyway, I'll start with this one about Jimmy joining the Yardbirds from July 1966
  7. Conneyfogle

    Black Beauty

    Got this in a google alert.... I have a Gibson guitar that used to belong to Jimmy Page, what's it worth? It's a very old, black Gibson Les Paul. My uncle gave it to me before he passed away last spring. I asked my mom were he got it from and she said she seen him come home with it right after a Led Zeppelin concert. My dad later told me that it used to belong to Jimmy Page, so i'm guessing it was a gift from him to my uncle. Any Idea what this guitar is worth? I'm not a big Zeppelin fan so i'm fixing to post it up on ebay.
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    Cleverbot is AI , have a chat Cleverbot Here's my chat from earlier Me: What do you think of Roberts new album? CB: I don't like the new album Me: Why not? CB: They think they are smarter than us Me: Who? CB: You Me: You know me too well
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    Yeovilton Airshow

    This show is on Saturday 10th and is on my doorstep so the villagers go and picnic next to the runway for a free show! I can't wait I have been getting a free show every day for the last 2 weeks while the pilots practice their stuff, Spitifires and some display team this morning Yeovilton Airshow Anyone else live near an airbase?
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    The Great Zeppelin Quiz

    Go to our Proboard Hard Rock Candy & check out our quiz While you're there, have a browse http://hrcandy.probo...play&thread=326
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    Led Zeppelin Radio retro ads and titles

    Here's some promo ads I made for an upcoming event
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    Led Zeppelin Radio retro ads and titles

    A message from one of our admins at LZR
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    Led Zeppelin Radio retro ads and titles

  14. Conneyfogle

    Led Zeppelin Radio retro ads and titles

    Black Dog
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    Led Zeppelin Radio retro ads and titles

  16. Conneyfogle

    Led Zeppelin Radio retro ads and titles

  17. Conneyfogle

    Led Zeppelin Radio retro ads and titles

  18. Conneyfogle

    Led Zeppelin Photo Mysteries

    Apologies if this one's been done Always thought this was Jimmy, turns out it's mitch Mitchell, is this correct anyone?
  19. Conneyfogle

    Led Zeppelin Radio retro ads and titles

    phew... that'll do for now, got 100's more if anyone wants to view, you can pop over to LZR, all artwork is available there
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    Led Zeppelin Radio retro ads and titles

    LZR Page & Plant artwork more soon
  21. Conneyfogle

    Led Zeppelin Radio retro ads and titles

    LZR Page and Plant pt 12
  22. Conneyfogle

    Led Zeppelin Radio retro ads and titles

    LZR Page & Plant pt 11
  23. Conneyfogle

    Led Zeppelin Radio retro ads and titles

    LZR Page & Plant artwork pt 10
  24. Conneyfogle

    Led Zeppelin Radio retro ads and titles

    LZR Page & Plant artwork pt 9