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High res clothing images


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I am the "Robert Plant" in Led Zep Too, and I would love a bit of help.

When we started out we were only after the sound not the look.

Since then I have ended up donning a wig and others in the band have made more or less efforts on their stage appearance because some promoters demand it.

Our purist guitarist left us (jumped and pushed) and now we are more keen than ever to pursue a total stage show approach to being a tribute band. (Obviously without compromising on the musical quality)

I could really do with finding high resolution images of the following items of clothing or clothing details.

Robert Plant

the short necklace or choker that he wears in loads of shots. made up of several little ingots with a black spiral pattern on it. e.g. he wears it with the Nurses do it better shirt for at least one

Belt buckles. There are loads of pictures of Robert wearing a buckle which is basically rectangular with an oval in the middle and then a kind of cross of oval shaped studs which look like they might be bronze or copper.

another buckle which also has an oval shape in the middle (or maybe circular) but has engraving on it.

I think there are almost as many of him wearing that one.

The blue bolero top with a kind of faded blue pattern around the bottom edge. What IS that pattern? Is it clouds or flowers or tie dye. I just can't tell.

The strange top that is a bit like a dressing gown with some sort of cherry pattern on a back background

I'm alright for RP's jeans thanks to the "RP's jeans" thread on here. Although I suspect I might be one of the only blokes spending a lot of time looking at those images! :D

Jimmy Page

the closest detail anyone can get of the Knebworth shirt. Blue, satin or silk with what looks like it might be some kind of parallel lines in the weave. And is it straightforward chinos he is wearing?

Obviously any pictures of the dragon suit with as much detail as possible.

ditto the one with the poppies

ditto the one with the moon and stars on it

John-Paul Jones

Apart from the white suit there is only one thing I would really love to recreate.

The MENTAL jacket, you know the one, with what looks like baubles on it and stuff.

I would quite like to know what material the white suit was although I doubt if it would make a huge difference anyway.

John Bonham

I reckon I have him sorted. I got an artist friend of mine to recreate the celtic design from the Song Remains the Same shirt and then got a few printed up in silver on black by a tee-shirt printers.

I have sold about 60 of them on ebay so far and still getting orders.

Just recently I have been experimenting with the bandanna and got that looking pretty good and have worked out how to add "jewels" to the shirts as well.

Also one last thing.

I have an image in my head of Led Zeppelin performing in front of a huge backdrop of lights which spell out the name of the band.

Wasn't it at Earls Court?

Yet when I look for photos of that I don't seem to find any apart from one of Jimmy at an odd angle.

Did I imagine I saw one with the whole band and the lights behind them?

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Oh, I probably should say.

I don't expect people to use up tons of bandwidth posting huge files.

If they can point to them elsewhere that's cool or send me a message whatever.

Don't want to upset the webmasters of this site which is genuinely the best Led Zeppelin site on the net, and I'm not crawling! :D

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