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Imperial State Electric


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Here's a nice review of Imperial State Electric's debut album, which is out now:



The Hellacopters are one of the few international bands esteemed, and loved, for their pure garage rock. Having amicably disbanded in 2008, founding member Nicke Andersson went about working on a solo project. As often with best laid plans, they change and Mr. Andersson turned his project into a band, Imperial State Electric, by adding Dolph de Borst (vocals, bass), Tobias Egge (vocals, guitar), and Thomas Eriksson (drums). For those who were missing The Hellacopters, take heart because ISE's debut will soothe your grief and enliven your musical hearts.

One of the blessings of Andersson's technique, and that of The Hellacopters, was the ability to draw inspiration from many sources of fundamental rock. In the case of Imperial State Electric, the overarching metaphor reaches to mid 1960's to mid 1970's rock, often on the Brit side of pop like the very Beatlesque I'll Let You Down or towards American, near southern California, pop on Resign. Sometimes it's mere hook-laden power pop as on Throwing Stones or Lord Knows I Know that It Ain't Right. Another, Deja Vu, sounds like sloppy 70's British rock made raw with a punk undercoating. Then Alive reminds of 80's melodic hard rock, stripped of the varnish of the glitz and overproduction down to its bare bones. Sometimes things sputter along creating no real interest like I Got All Day Long or LeeAnne, but these are minor speed bumps. Nicke Andersson's return, with his new band Imperial State Electric, proves that fundamental rock, stripped of its modern embellishments, still has energy and vitality above those same modern trends. Recommended

Check out these live performances from Swedish national television:

And here's a track from the new album:

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