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  1. Well, it's better to have it on itunes than no copy at all. I have a vinyl copy coming in the mail soon, and I know I am a lucky bastard.
  2. Hi Kiwi, thank you for the birthday wishes! :) I'll be back in the "Other Bands" section eventually.. ;)

  3. Hi Emma, thank you for the birthday wishes! :)

  4. LOL, yea, that "Fuck You" song has gone quite popular..

  5. Ok, I see. I am happy to hear you're safe and sound though! Those earthquakes are horrible..

  6. Yo Kiwi, hope you and yours are ok. I heard you guys had a large earthquake down there..

  7. Bought some really fine blues and r'n'b 45's: Ann Cole with The Suburbans and Orchestra - / I've got a little boy (Baton 1957) This is the original verson which Muddy Waters later adapted. Ted Taylor - / Top of the world (Okeh 1964) Henry Strogin - Misery / I cry like a baby (Hank 1961-65?) Jennell Hawkins - Don't worry about me / I pity you fool (Dynamic 1961) Johnny Watson - Sweet lovin' mama / What you do to me (King 1962) Bobby Day and The Blossoms - My blue heaven / I don't want to (Class 1960) Erlene and Her Girlfriends - / Casanova (Old Town 1963) Bo Diddley - / My story (Checker 1960) The Pygmies - / The other side (Liberty 1963)
  8. Hey, thanks for the heads up! Sounds cool. I will have to check tickets.. Cheers

  9. Bought myself two 45's that have been on my want list for a long time, but have just not prioritized to buy them.. but finally they are in my possesion. The Pretty things are probably my favorite 60's British R'n'B band. They make the Stones sound like mother in law's favorite boys.. The Pretty Things - Midnight To Six Man / Can't Stand The Pain (Fontana 1966) The Pretty Things - Honey, I Need / I Can Never Say (Fontana 1965) Live: Single:
  10. What shall I listen to today??

  11. Yes, now-a-days there aren't many who wants to borrow vinyl anyway and those are the ones I treasure the most. Will probably not happen again.
  12. Yes, that was the title. I haven't heard it in almost 20 years. I remember Wring That Neck too!! If I come across it I'll buy it once again.
  13. I used to have this on vinyl, which was released in the late 80's. If my memory serves me correct there were a really cool version of Mandrake Root on it.. Somebody borrowed the record from me, haven't seen it since that day.
  14. This will be interesting to see! Thanks for the heads up!
  15. Cool! :-) We used to have a great library in my home town as well, they had a great selection of music. I like the fact that they have music as well as books.
  16. Yes, I love all their albums, Supershitty to the max is great. Another excellent album is Payin' the dues. It's somewhere between the sound of Supershitty and High Visibility. It's great to hear that the albums are available in NZ, I do believe they became quite popular there and in Australia and also went there and toured. They were big fans of Aussie band Radio Birdman, so that's probably why they went there in the first place.
  17. Nice purchases there Kiwi.. All the Hellacopters' stuff!! My latest findings are as follows: Blues & r'n'b 45's: J.B. Lenore (Lenoir) - Fine Girls / I Lost My Baby (Parrot 1955) Howlin' Wolf - / (Chess 1959) Jerry McCain and His Upstarts - / (Excello 1957) Lightnin' Slim - Goin' home / Wonderin' and goin' (Excello 1956) The Dubs - Could this be magic / (Gone 1957) Garage 45's: The Wailers - / Mau Mau (Golden Crest 1959) Awesome early garage r'n'b who greatly influenced The Sonics! The Wailers hailed from Seattle and made many great recordings. The Sparkles - First to forget / (Hickory 1967) Garage rock classic! The Unrelated Segments - Cry cry cry / It's not fair (Liberty 1967) Another garage rock classic and the third and last single from this excellent Michigan band. The Free-For-All - / Blue monday (Challenge 1966) A fine and melodic single from Challenge with great fuzz guitar. The Sonics - / Keep a-knockin (Etiquette 1964) The first single from this classic Seattle band, the no.1 garage kings! The Hard Road - It's so hard to find / You rub me the wrong way (Lemon Lime 1966) Great and obscure Ohio garage single! The Blues Project - / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPHlQ8SkZc4 (Verve/Folkways 1965) Top band with members such as Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield! I love this stingin' version of Howlin' Wolf's Back Door Man!!
  18. I ain't no quitter ;-) I'll be checking in, that's for sure. :)

  19. That's one of my favourites, and an early single by Beefheart.. Sure love his music. Safe As Milk is a great psych/blues record! Funny guy, that man Don... RIP.
  20. Hiya Kiwi! Thanks for the kind words! :-) I have been busy with work and stuff.. I usually have periods when I drop out of here for a while, but still checking from the shadows.. ;-) Will try to be more frequent! Happy holidays to you!!

  21. Yes, I am with you. I really like Bolins' guitar work. Very nice jam!! Thanks for posting!
  22. That is indeed a great album! I love Gettin Tighter! Damn, I love the whole album! I have You Keep On Movin' on an original 45, which is a pretty cool song too.
  23. Here are my latest purchase of 45's: Elmore James & His Broomdusters - / Calling all blues (Chief 1960) Great Elmore tune recorded in 1957! B-side is incorrectly credited to Elmore James, while it's an instrumental performed by Earl Hooker, Junior Wells and band. The Ambassadors - / Power of love (Reel 196?) Can't find much info about this great early rockin' r'n'b single. It's a FAB 45 though! Otis Rush - I can't quit you baby / Sit down baby (Cobra 1956) Original and greatest version of I Can't Quit You Baby, also successfully covered by Led Zeppelin. It was also the first single ever released on the Cobra label. Roscoe Gordon - / Goin' home (VeeJay 1959) Great single with a tune that have been covered by many great artists. Annisteen Allen - / Wheels of love (Capitol 1955) Really funny, swingin' and cool single by underrated and forgotten r'n'b vocalist Annisteen Allen!! The Olympics - Western movies / (Demon 1958) Most known for Western Movies, but my fav is the rockin' B-side!!! The Capitols - / Hello stranger (Karen 1966) Great and classic r'n'b mover!! Emmylou Harris - Here there and everywhere / Together again (Reprise 1975) Great single, one Beatles classic and one classic country song which Emmylou does absolutely fabulous! Emmylou Harris - / One of these days (Reprise 1975) Probably my biggest fav Emmylou song of all times, her version of Rodney Crowell's Till I Gain Control Again. Soooo beautiful!
  24. Got myself another four great rhythm and blues 45's: Ole Sonny Boy - You Better Change / Blues And Misery (Excello 1956) Bobby Parker - / Steal Your Heart Away (V-Tone 1961) Nathan McKinney - / Weep No More (Ray Co 1964?) Lattimore Brown and Orchestra - Teenie Weenie / Night Time Is The Right Time (Duchess 1961)
  25. ^^ That's pretty cool. I've never heard that version of Smoke in the water.
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