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Reparing my kit


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Hi! So the thing is my kit has been refurbished to a decent point after being in a flooded basement. Now I have some of the shell covers that are cracked and/or warped.

I was in a hardware store and got the idea of applying some adhesive plastic, like a roll of tape but colored and very wide, like wallpaper. I was thinking a dark blue, red or green sparkled but unfortunately all I was able to find was gold sparkled ... I'm not so enthusiastic about the color and I think with chrome a darker color would look better. So for now I'm still looking around, worse come to worse, I'll go gold.

Any particular favorite colors you have for your instruments?

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WOW! That site had me drooling! I'm contacting them now, hopefully they have a distributor in Italy.

Thanks very much!

Alright! Glad I could help.

I like the 'Red Magma' and 'Silver Cracked Ice'

Let us know which one if you decide to get it. Me thinks it would look better than tape or wallpaper. B)

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