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Hello all!


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Hey everyone, just realised I never actually introduced myself.

I'm Katie! wave.gif

I'm 26, live in North London and was raised on Led Zeppelin by my mum who went to see them a lot in the late 60s early 70s. She went to the Bath festival too! I am forever jealous of her musical history but it's thanks to her I have such ace taste.

I'm currently involved with UK tribute band Boot Led Zeppelin, run a Robert fan community: The Daily Plant and have Jimmy Page living in my hallway cupboard (it's a LONG story!) :lol:

So, hi there!

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Hi Katie....aka liltinggrace. Thanks for introducing yourself.

The 70's was a great time in rock and roll to go to concerts and there will never be another like the Mighty Zeppelin, but you can make some of your own history to be able to look back on. I was a teenager of the 70's and saw a lot of bands but never got to see Zeppelin so I understand the bit of jealousy of those that did.

Anyway, have a good time here. See ya around.

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