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  1. Yes. HYE eaten something you really didn't like just to be nice to the person who cooked it for you?
  2. I Don't Love You Anymore - The Quireboys
  3. C'est moi. This was in the crowd just before Percy came on on Thursday night, hence the MASSIVE fangirl smile.
  4. All the time. HYE fallen down, pretended it didn't happen and just walked on?
  5. That was very nicely done. Congrats. Clock
  6. Eek yes! Ow. HYE called someone by the wrong name?
  7. I'm Waiting For The Man - Velvet Underground
  8. I've recently turned one of my friends on to Zeppelin, and he's invited me round to his for an evening of wine and Song Remains The Same. I am proud.
  9. Oh yes. I live in London, happens all the time! HYE been clipped by a car/bus whilst crossing the road?
  10. just came back from simply one of the best gigs of my life. Love you Percy.

  11. you know me then ;) im ilovepagey on LJ. I love it when people use the same name for everything!


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