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  1. Thanks so much for posting this ALS! I was there, so this is just wonderful and not just because I can see myself in every audience back shot hehe. I really hope they release it as a DVD, it was a fantastic gig!
  2. Awh that's amazing! I'm very proud.
  3. Yes. HYE eaten something you really didn't like just to be nice to the person who cooked it for you?
  4. I Don't Love You Anymore - The Quireboys
  5. Hey everyone, just realised I never actually introduced myself. I'm Katie! I'm 26, live in North London and was raised on Led Zeppelin by my mum who went to see them a lot in the late 60s early 70s. She went to the Bath festival too! I am forever jealous of her musical history but it's thanks to her I have such ace taste. I'm currently involved with UK tribute band Boot Led Zeppelin, run a Robert fan community: The Daily Plant and have Jimmy Page living in my hallway cupboard (it's a LONG story!) So, hi there!
  6. Hahaha awwwwh! Yeah, sadly he can't pull off that heroin chic.
  7. I've totally changed my mind.. I'm changing Kashmir for The Ocean. Not sure if that's sacrilegious or not, but hey.
  8. Ha! Well he's always played left handed and all of his kit is left handed, so it would be a bit of a drastic change! They've been together for too many years to change that now. Awh well I'm glad they didn't come across as nervous, it was totally live so there was a lot riding on it, but I'm so pleased you enjoyed it.
  9. Misty Mountain Hop! This has really personal reasoning behind it because it's actually the first Led Zeppelin song I can remember from when I was a child. I was brought up on Zeppelin, et al, and as I grew up into a bit of a music geek (hello understatement of the day) I developed an appreciation of this song musically. There is not a thing wrong with it, it's perfection. Plus, I like to dance to it after one too many wines.
  10. Yeah, completely agree. Also, because the members of the BOJ are singers and solo performers in their own right, I thought it was great to see that little snippet of their works. After all, it wasn't just a Robert Plant gig, it was Robert and Band Of Joy, you know? Yes, everyone was there to see Robert, but it technically was never meant to be a solo show.
  11. C'est moi. This was in the crowd just before Percy came on on Thursday night, hence the MASSIVE fangirl smile.
  12. Yay! Really pleased to hear you like them. The DVD is in post production at the moment, we're hoping it'll be able to be commercially available, but not 100% sure yet. There's going to be a live CD appearing at some point too.
  13. Excellent! They are fantastic live, they were terrified on the BBC bless them (I was there) but they made us very proud. I beamed, quite a lot! Ooooooh! Please do come to the show! You definitely won't be disappointed. It will sell out however, as they always do at that venue, so you might need to buy a ticket in advance from the Half Moon website. Thank you! It's actually a screen-cap from Song Remains The Same which I edited, I'm a bit of a photoshop nerd.
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