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    jimmys bedroom, the tower house, london :D
  1. I am absolutely sure bieber does not listen to led zeppelin...one of my freinds is a beiber addict, gets all the crappy bieber magazines, and it says nothing about him liking led zeppelin Ive always wanted to put on black sabbaths mob rules album and blast it right to biebr. I love that album.... Meh, my same friend is also obsessed with Twilight, and she says kristin likes all sots of music..she even likes music from the 40s..blach.
  2. 1) achilles last stand 2)misty mountain hop 3) since ive been loving you 4) how many more times 5)tea for one my top 5 dont change that often..#1 is always Achilles last stand though
  3. you know me then ;) im ilovepagey on LJ. I love it when people use the same name for everything!


  4. Ugh....electric funeral by black sabbath....before that it was sick again. For like 3 weeks....
  5. LED ZEPPELIN=BEST BAND EVER!!!! of course there in competition. you have pink floyd, the rolling stones and black sabbath....(not the beatles...i really dont like the beatles.) but I could listen to led zeppelin all the time. I dont need anything else.... hmmm...maybe black sabbaths technical ecstasy album in addition to led zeppelin though...
  6. oooh...This is hard because there is so much good Led Zeppelin!! But of course there is the not very good (but no bad!) In no particular order: 1)hot dog 2)four sticks 3)hots on for nowhere 4)custard pie (I just cant stand it. Probably my least favorite..) 5)gallows pole
  7. aha! methinks you are the same liltinggrace on LJ?! im ilovepagey

  8. my desktop picture changes every day to another jimmy collage... 60% of my shirts are zeppelin related.. im in a awful mood for the rest of the day if i dont listen to led zeppelin... your friends block your emails occasionally because they are sick of everything led zeppelin related.. you get detention for smacking a kid when he said something TERRIBLE about them... (it was worth it!!) you spend your free time listening to led zeppelin and staring at pictures.. you have little dolls you made of the band and bring them places... you try to get clothing that looks like
  9. Ok you fellow Jimmy lovers, I've heard some people have a picture of Jimmy and one of the GTOs (either miss cynderella or miss Pamela) but can't post it because it's inapropriate...I've sent messages to the person I know who has it, but they haven't been on in over a year....does anyone have this picture and is willing to share???? I've had alot of requests for it
  10. Thanks! That will clear up some arguments on my livejournal page.
  11. To follow every single show of theirs from the shows they did to replace the yardbirds, to knebwoth, to the O2. And bring bonzo back and if possible Ronnie James dio.
  12. JIMMYJIMMYJIMMYJIMMYJIMMYJIMMYJIMMYJIMMY lol, we would end up killing each other but still.... JIMMYJIMMYJIMMYJIMMYJIMMYJIMMY....... But for long term jonsey he is adorable even today
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