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I have been given a load of music by a friend of mine who loves his spaceprog

a couple stood out, one is a band called Diagonal, they arent necessarily old, 2007 beginnings, their album "Diagonal" is some of the best new music out there, and just when arei was about to give up. You have the openness of Floyd, the groove of Sabbath, they are all multi instrumentalists and with 10 minute epics like Semi Permeable Membrane and the 14 minute Pact, absolutely brilliant, high recommend them www.myspace.com/diagonalband

another band is Gong,their Fairy loving, witch brewing, self reflecting brand of Psychedelic funk and hypnotic chants are encapsulating,think Syd Barret Floyd, as whimsical but with a touch of soul and feel, listen to YOU, brilliant album!

Also along the same lines is KHAN, check this band out!

thanks for your time music fans!

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