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  1. cheers!! EP is out 27 April
  2. Hey Friends....got myself a new group, check them out if you will! https://www.facebook.com/namedbythesun/
  3. good on him for another solo album but i cant quite get into it..mainly because its like a repeat vibe of the 2000s solo albums, whispery with drum loops, not much in the way of energy. the title track is cool but the rest of it isnt as good as say, mighty rearranger which had a lot of variance
  4. Still no UK? actually, id rather see Mr Jimmy
  5. i would like to recommend my band, Landskap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2SqZ4eGeeY&t=71s
  6. theres always spotify if you have it, better quality than Amazon's mp3
  7. sorry, i just use any opportunity to brag about it!
  8. as above GarageBand, it should be pre installed on your MAC
  9. HMV are selling live shows now? https://www.hmvdigital.com/releases/5031200
  10. yeah, there is the ongoing argument that they just ripped everything off, but when you look at the back catalogue, its total zep or a reworking (thankful they jury mustn't use the non credit issues in the current case )
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