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Desk Drawers


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Hey, Guys! I don't post here too often (usually only when I have directly-related Led Zeppelin news, like when I was lucky enough to interview Jimmy for IMGL last year :-) -- but I was thinking it might be fun to post this request here... I need some help with an article I am writing for AOL. It's about desk drawers, and what I need is a photo (jpg) of what your open desk drawer looks like (so our readers can see the contents), a written rundown from you about what's in there and what you think is the handiest thing. What is something you suggest be inside everyone's desk drawer? I'd need your name and the name of the place you work (or what you do, if you're self-employed). Please send it to my email: staci@stacilaynewilson.com



PS here is the AOL page, so you can see where my article will be posted: http://jobs.aol.com/articles/bloggers/staci-wilson

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