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:) Hey since your from simcoe would you know the names of the two guys from the area who attended the london show through rock 95


Hey Bro.......I know the one guy --rick.....Havn't heard boo from him---maybe hes still at the show.lol..he should be back by thursday...cheers bob

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:rolleyes::D Greetings from Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

Hoping that they do a tour of some sort in the U.S. and Canada before their age makes it impossible!!!!

kilt1959 :D

Hello, I'm from Edmonton too :) I live in North Carolina now though...

And hello to the other Canadians I haven't met yet :D

There's a Canada thread to post in in the Ramble On Section :D...usually it's hovering around the first or second page :lol:

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