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A big "How Ya Dooin' " to everyone!


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G'day to all.

Just listening to the Boys right now (Stairway to Heaven as I type).

Looking forward to snapping a couple of pics of the big moon tonight. Anyone else?

Ha, slow typer here, Stairway is now done and Carouselambra just started! Lets see if I can finish before this one is over.

Anywho, glad to be here, hope you're all glad to have me!

Steve B

(ha! finished!)

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Hi there!

Welcome to the site. Yes, the Boys are pretty good aren't they? :)

There is a thread in the Master Forum that talks about Stairway's 40th bithday. Great post.

This site is easy to navigate and there are a lot of nice Zep fans to talk with too.

Have fun and don't overlook the excellent photos section!


P.S. Also good to know I'm not the only slow typist here now, lol.

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I'm not one of the frequent flyers 'round here, but I try to welcome ppl as often as I can. I enjoy this board very much. As compared to another I belong to, I prefer this one. Folks are much more friendly and civil to one another.

And, you simply cannot beat the range of knowledge that is exchanged here.

Have fun, and we'll 'see' ya soon!

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Thanks for the welcomes!

As for the comment on the friendliness of this site compared to others...agreed.

I am a member of several other sites. I have posted here more than any other site. Compelling, intriguing, interesting,informational and sometimes controversial threads galore.

And the best part about it all...


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