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Led Zeppelin Vinyl

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Hi - I just became a member yesterday

I am not suspect but I was thinking this is the place to come to sell my Led Zeppelin vinyl - I am legit and have been in the Pearl Jam fan club for years and years - no sob story but have fallen on hard times and am selling off my vinyl collection ( I hate ebay) so I have been reaching out to TRUE FANS via various fan websites

Basically I have

Led Zeppelin I (2 copies - SD8216 and SD19126)

Led Zeppelin 4

Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy

Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti

You can check me out at the Pearl Jam 10Club forums I use the same screen name

And I am looking to part with these for $60 and I cover all shipping - however I do not pretend to know more about Zeppelin vinyl then the experts here so I will of course entertain any offers (international shipping... we can chat about the finer details of that as well)

Thanks guys

But I wanna take the time to tell my first Led Zeppelin experience

I use the word experience because it goes beyond any words I might try and use here in the next few lines

I always liked them as much as anyone and got to know them via the radio in the 80's and 90's - heard all the songs... but in 2008 my brother and I were driving from Vermont to Tennessee (22hours) straight after leaving work to the Bonnaroo festival to see a whole mess of bands especially Pearl Jam - on the way down we were not going to play any PJ cd's...so my brother plays "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" now for what ever reason I had never heard that song start to finsh, that night inthe car going through Virginia in a hellacious rain storm with thunder and lightening and hail I was BLOWN AWAY - "Baby!!.... Baby!!..."

So fast forward about 24 hours and it is just before 10pm at the festival and were decide to go check out Lez Zeppelin ( an all girl tribute band) I told my brother "ok I can let go and maybe hear a chic singer but those other dames don't play it 100% then we are out!"

Never has there been a fool such as I - THEY ROCKED and to be standing there with so many other people most of them HUGE Zeppelin fans rocking out to Dazed and Confused was a very very moving experience for me - Yeah I know it wasn't THEM and THEY weren't on stage but we were all just breathing and singing the same air celebrating this great music the 4 men came together and created some 35+ years earlier - have never experienced anything like that since - it was magic

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