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Help me find an intevirew with Plant, please


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I can't find this video interview anywhere, yet I remember it very well!

It was a few years ago and we all know that journalist women that interview Plant, usually love Plant totally!! But this interview was done live by a young female journalist and I don't know on which tv!

The thing is, she was desperately trying to embarass him, because she was obviously anti rock and had all sorts of prejudices and crap in her mind!

She showed the photo of Plant in the tight jeans and made fun of him in a rather subtle and unnoticing way and to fight back, Robert pointed at his jeans and said he had a strong muscle!

The interviewer didn't see to where he pointed and said that he doesn't have the kind of belly muscles as Fifty cent and Plant said he doesn't know him and she says he is a hip hop artist and that he has to work out to have these muscles and Plant replied: I worked out in cheap motels!! and the interviewer didn't get it at all, ha, ha!

There were all sorts of other tries by her to humiliate him and it's great how Robert managed to save himself from the situation!

Anyone remember this and could you please help me find it!! Thank you very much!

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