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Led Zeppelin Reunion Anniversary Weekend 2011


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After the frustration of the Zepfest2011 collapse I decided to check into the possibility of doing something myself for this years anniversary of the reunion show in 2007.

I've contacted Atlantic City and can get a package that includes rooms for two nights, event room and dinner on friday and saturday and a zep cover band on saturday(not yet confirmed)

for about $350-$450pp based on double occ. - there are still too many unkowns to be exact.

Our event room will have a cashbar, buffet and plenty of Monitors and DVD Players, some vendors will be invited, and some other events like

Karaoke Zeppelin, Zeppeln Tattoo contests, Zeppelin Stories contests and much much more.

This IS NOT a 15,000 person event. This is smaller and more personal. I'm going to limit the event to 250 people.

We'll have an event room near the House of Blues for the show and we will rock and roll all weekend. Arrive Friday, Depart Sunday!!!

I'll need volunteers to set stuff up that weekend and to do some internet marketing by posting links thoughout the net.

In order to absolutely GUARANTEE THAT THIS WILL NOT FAIL- the event rooms will be paid for in advance and all packages are non-refundable

once booked.

I don't know what happened to Zepfest and at ths point I don't care, I just know that it usually comes down to money - in one

way or another. I'm not donig this for the money, I'm doing it for the FANS! For those of you that know me, you will know how much

this event will mean to me if WE can get it off the ground.

I will be promoting this event throughout the year during my "From the Fans" Rockumentary Series Tour so I am VERY VERY confident that

we will get enough people to attend. Friend me, subscribe to me, like me, tweet me, just don't cancel a Zep event on me!!!!

Contact me with any ideas for entertainment, vendors, etc.

Please Keep in Mind that this event is for the FANS, not the sponsors!

I'm not looking for corporate money, I'm looking for true fans that

love Led Zeppelin like I do.





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