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    When I grew up I was always listening to my brothers favorites(Yes and Skynyrd). Then I heard zeppelin. It was all over after that. I knew that I found the best. One day my brother bought home Zeppelin On Tour, a bootleg from 1973. It was an amazing album and show and then I always collected Zeppelin boots. Have about 20 albums.<br /><br />I saw Robert twice in the eighties, Outrider Tour, The Firm and Robert at the Arthur Lee Benefit in 2006. The first time I saw unledded in 95 it was surreal. Wound up seeing that tour 5 times, Clarksdale 6 and then the ultimate, the reunion show.<br />

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  1. Vanilla Fudge just played with three of the four original members....and they rocked! Here's They Keep Me Hangin' On And here's what the FANS had to say about the show who saw it at the State Theatre, New Brunsick, NJ
  2. Here's what the FANS had to say about the Vanilla Fudge and The Yardbirds last show of their 2012 mini-tour. Recorded LIVE from The State Theatre, New Brunswick, NJ February 9, 2012 http://www.frontrowdave.com/fans.php?id=78
  3. Just noticed a post on the JBLZE page that the Michigan show is going to be a one-off event and NOT the start of a tour. The post was by Stephen Furze from Annerin Productions. BUMMER!
  4. Here's the facebook link as well, which is where I first noticed it: Looking forward to another tour!!! http://www.facebook....jblze?sk=events
  5. SOPA, like most things in life, had it's ups and downs.....I only consider the music aspect of it and not the bill in it's entirety..... If it went through and all unlicensed videos were pulled imagine the impact.....Every cover band out there would lose all of their material. Thousands of websites, including mine and this awesome site, put the embed codes in their sites so that viewers can see youtube videos.... SOPA would have given the government the right to basically take down all of YouTube which in itself I would consider criminal...... And Jason Bonham would have never found
  6. The show was pretty tame - not even one person got up and danced...except me... I got press passes and will post some photos on my website later, and also did "From the Fans", my rockumentary series... More to come soon!
  7. I saw the final show of the 2012 mini-tour last nite in New Brunswick, NJ.....Alot of fun hearing those classic tunes. They did I'm Confused which was the precursor to Dazed and Confused...Different lyrics, but very similar. Here's a vid from a different show on their tour....Thought it may be interesting to Zep Fans who have never heard it before...
  8. Just noticed on FaceBook that there is now a Zepfest planned for 2012....After last years disappointment I didn't even read the details....
  9. They're doing it again!!!!! JBLZE just announced an April 27 date in Michigan!!!!
  10. If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now, It's just a spring clean from the May Queen Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run There's still time to change the road you're on Out of all the lyrics out there, this one has changed my life, or more accurately, encouraged me to change my life. for me it says that when you're not happy and content with the way your life is, it's OK. Change is good, and regardless of how hard it is to change your way of life, your habits that you want to rid yourself of, you can do it. It's never too late. When I
  11. Here's what the FANS had to say about Paul and his performance this year at Yankee Stadium: http://www.frontrowdave.com/fans.php?id=53 One interesting thing that I learned about Paul at this show is that he is a vegatarian. I spoke with one of the roadies and Paul only provides vegatarian food to his roadies while on tour!
  12. I also have some never before seen footage from inside the 02 on video. Dave Lewis interview, FANS coming out of the rehearsal in total glee, security giving us fans the lowdown on what is expected of us and what is what is not allowed, interviews with several fans and more. I sent an email offering for jimmypage.com to put on their website and they never responded....I am proud and honored to be on the website, but it really makes me wonder who's in charge of it...... My site is designed to "rockument history" which allows fans to upload their own photos, reviews and I can also link YouTu
  13. Thanks ST, It was an HONOR!!! And also the day that inspired my FrontRowDave project....Now I give FANS of many bands the chance to shout out about their favorite bands of alltime. This year alone I've done: Robert Plant and the Band of Joy X3, Gregg Allman, Lady Gaga X4, U2 X2, Alberta Cross, Bonnaroo 2011, Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience X3, Motorhead, Bon Jovi, Furthur, Soundgarden, Yes and Styx, Jon Anderson, Whitesnake and many other episodes of "From the Fans", my rockumentary series which the FANS get to tell everyone about their live concert experiences. They can all be
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