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    When I grew up I was always listening to my brothers favorites(Yes and Skynyrd). Then I heard zeppelin. It was all over after that. I knew that I found the best. One day my brother bought home Zeppelin On Tour, a bootleg from 1973. It was an amazing album and show and then I always collected Zeppelin boots. Have about 20 albums.<br /><br />I saw Robert twice in the eighties, Outrider Tour, The Firm and Robert at the Arthur Lee Benefit in 2006. The first time I saw unledded in 95 it was surreal. Wound up seeing that tour 5 times, Clarksdale 6 and then the ultimate, the reunion show.<br />

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. I couldn't agree more about the 80s! Things became a bit too proper...From documentaries, I could see the change in people's mindsets in the 80s! And I love very few bands from the 80s like Bon Jovi and INXS and music became a bit too ummm "pop oriented" and "diva centric" LOL!

  3. Well, we Kiwis are very casual and laid-back. For instance, at my Uni, the professors do not give a damn whether students are late to class or do their homework on time, etc. Sometimes people just walk out of class if they find it too boring and there is no rule against smoking cigs on campus or guys having waist length hair! LOL!

  4. What's it like growing up in New Zealand? I don't know much about where you are from. :embarrassed: Are people generally pretty cool with each other or is it like ridiculously uptight? I love learning about new places. I always said Travel is the greatest education anyone can ever get.

  5. Know what you mean about the 70's. Everything seemed to be cool. Then came the eighties. It seemed everybody was uptight about everything. Being cool was no longer being cool. What the hell kind of world is that? LOL. IMO music absolutely stunk from 1981-1986 with few exceptions. Then came GnR, Nirvana and other "real" rock and roll bands. The Firm was early eighties and pretty goo...

  6. That movie is just priceless! Its a classic! :D Gosh! The 70s were one hell of a decade what with movies like that and bands like Zep and Floyd being at their prime! Its times like these when I really wish that I had been a teenager in the 70s! :)

  7. OMG it is funny isn't it. If you get a chance the whole movie is just hilarious. Back when it came out there was nothing funnier, noone that talked about weed as much as they do. Smoking pot was a way of life in the seventies, especially in my area(near woodstock). We all used to get high on the wall in front of the high school. Every day. Now there are camera everywhere on school grounds l...

  8. That video about Cheech and Chong ("Up In Smoke") is by far the funniest! Thank you so much for posting that! I laughed till my sides started to ache! That really brightened up my day today! Thank you so much!! :D

  9. Welcome aboard. I have two beagles so I had to say hello!

  10. hey...i thought tyou wished i was there..LOL..its cool, at least i got to talk to you.

    We need to talk about the other shit...


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