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ZosoFanzine! RARE and out of print. Only 17 left from 1988 to 1991! 2 issues left with buy it now $5.00 or 15 issues left to submit your bid. Great ARTICLES and PHOTOS! Great for someone just getting into Led Zeppelin or someone looking to complete a collection. Before the modern internet, this was a great way for Led Zeppelin fans all over the world to connect. Originally purchased by me from a subscription I had from Zoso, published by Taylor, who used to advertise in the back of Rolling Stone Magazine. These issues were created by a true Led Zeppelin fan who put a lot of time and care into assuring correct facts. Lots of live recording information too! Also included are band member interviews andother insightful information about the personality of Led Zeppelin. This issueis 20 pages including covers. I have simply been storing these for many years. I am ready to part with them and let someone else share in the magic that is Led Zeppelin. Black and white printing and photos. Printed on non glossy paper. 1991 issues the cover is black and white glossy with non glossy pages. The pages are mark free and in good condition. Very minor wear marks on the edgesof the covers. The pages and staples that bind this magazine together have asmall amount of discoloration from 20 plus years of storage.

See a listing on the link below. Also search Zoso Magazine in Ebay.


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